Miley Cyrus Flaunts Fiance, Cleavage at Film Breakthrough Awards

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth made their first public appearance together yesterday since news broke of their engagement.

But talk at the Australians in Film Awards & Benefit Dinner in Century City, California didn't center around what was on Miley's finger as much as what was on her body as a whole: a VERY little black dress! With not very much on top.

Miley Cyrus Cleavage Dress
Liam and Miley Photograph

"It's called Zimmerman," the 19-year old told reporters on the scene. "It's from Australia. I love a little built-in corset, every girl does... I just wanted to wear something simple because tonight is all about him."

Hemsworth was actually recognized at the event, telling journalists that he and Miley are "very very excited" about their engagement.

As for what sold Cyrus on her love? She explained:

"I like when men work hard, I think it's important. I always work really hard so it's good to have someone who is as passionate about what they do and wants to be great at what they do instead of just being okay. We always strive to have our 130%."



Um, Sarah? Are you trying haiku? A sonnet? I'm guessing either English isn't your primary language, you didn't learn phonics in elementary or you need some Adderall. oK, that's not nice BUT you sure are hating on Miley. Why? Because she's young, rich, happy, healthy, a hard worker and pretty damn stable for having grown up famous. I gotta a lot of respect for anyone who can survive Hollyweird, esp. child stars. You go girl (Miley not Sarah:)).


If I have to be honest, I didn`t like her during the Hannah Monatana thing. After that she started telling the world "I DON`T GIVE A FUCK BOUT MY BAD REPUTATION". Im a girl like that and I started liking her and making "research" about her. She can be cocky and sometimes just be young (DUDE SHE IS FUCKING 19 LEAVE (Britney xD) her ALONE). But since she lost weight, started being healthier, she looks NICE!.. GO AHEAD MILEY. Haters gonna Hate!


Sarah- you're not making any sense. Are you a young kid? Is English not your native language? I hope so.


and we are not jealous No you
you are nothing for us
simply are just 19 old girl or lady whatever
but you were thing of marriage
why you both had sex or what..

Avatar also not working hard...miley
You've done everythng..
Like slipping with different boys
and kissing famous stars like Nick
and now with liam
i leave him alone after few are such a dumb ass

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