Miley Cyrus Engagement Receives Approval from Father

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She may only be 19 years old, but Billy Ray Cyrus is looking past the numbers and straight into his daughter's heart - and he likes what he sees.

With Miley Cyrus engaged to Liam Hemsworth, the country singer has Tweeted his feelings on the impending nuptials to the world and made it as clear as possible: he approves!

Billy Ray
Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus

"All I ever hoped for as a Daddy was to see my kids reach their dreams," Billy Ray wrote. "To find happiness...peace of mind ...and someday know... true love."

Cyrus herself took to the social networking service not long after the engagement news went public and also expressed her satisfaction over the 3.5 carat ring on her finger and the dreamy actor on her arm.

I feel like all my dreams are coming true, Miley gushed.

But will Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus last? You tell us:


It's not crazy, since Mily has found the love of her life why should she hestitate on waiting. congrats Mily and Liam


Y'all just need to get over y'all self's my mom got married at 18 so what is yall's Point they are very happy together y'all would not want people jugging u if u where in love with someone and u where happy… now would u…y'all need to stop talking krap about Miley an get a life Miley is an awesome person why can't y'all just see that love u Miley nlt in a fan way LOVE:Sierra w.


I think she should wait a little because she is only 19 but she is doing what makes her happy. Congrats Liam and Miley!!


shes as dumb!!! shes only 19. I personally think she should wait untill shes a little older. Like 10 years older!!! DUMMIE


Why do u think her gettin marrid a bad thing it's her life she lives it not u the press like it abs there the ones she tells to f off and ur on about pot an stuff the only Way that tuner came around was at her birthday party she was havin a joke with Kelly Osborn ur all low life's go think she would actullary do that common she was the queen if Disney do u think that she would just throw that away!!! Follow me on twitter @mileyrocksmc I follow back!!


Listin just because she is getong married dose not mean somthing. The comment about the pot she dont do that no more and her baby if she is gonna have one will ne fine so get over it and quite saying stuff about her gosh. If u dont like her getting married get over it its not your life


its her life, she is doing what makes her happy.thats all that matters! you run your life , no body runs it for you! so im saying congrats to miley and liam!!


Hey, you all don't have to be so rude about her engagement. She can decide for herself. Just offer her Congragulation. How would you like it if people disprove and made fun of your engagement to the love of your life??????? JeeeeeZ! Learn some manners!


Shes nuts. One day she will be n the nut house.


Miley is crazy as it comes. she is 19. she wont be a teen forever. she is going to leave being having fun. being married is a life long commitment which personally I think isnt going to work out. Now dont worry I could be wrong. But just sayin the gurl needs to go to the mall get her nails done and just enjoy whats left of teenhood. and shelly u make a good point.

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