Miley Cyrus Angered by Brother, Mysterious Cutting Tweet

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Upon announcing news of her engagement, Miley Cyrus heard from various family members.

Her father most definitely approves of Liam Hemsworth. So does her mom. The young star's brother, however? It's hard to decipher exactly what Trace Cyrus thinks of the development.

Miley Cyrus, No Pants
Trace Cyrus on Stage

In a mysterious Tweet posted on June 6, the day the engagement story broke, Trace quoted a Mac Miller song and wrote:

“Sending my love for girls who got some cuts at their wrists. Hope you find what you’re looking for. I hope u find what you’re looking for.”

Rumors of Miley as a cutter have circulated for years, with Cyrus herself seemingly referencing her past in her own Tweet this April. But why would Trace possibly choose this occasion to bring up such a personal, irrelevant issue?

Miley has no clue, an insider tells Hollywood Life, and is "frustrated" by the "unneeded focus" the message now places back on those rumors.

But “if he removes it, then it will focus even more attention on it,” the source says. “That’s the last thing Miley wants to happen.”

Trace, meanwhile, made headlines himself this week. The rocker called off his engagement to Brenda Song.



I have to say, Miley as a natural blond myself hun, you reaaaaally should go back to brunete. Blonde only looks good on ppl who are born that way!!! You look ridiculous!!!!


No wonder shes fucking cutting with your hate!:/ thats ridiculous. Its got nothing to do with you as its her life. Calm the fuck down. And back off!


Whatever u losers!!!!!! Stop hating on her get a life suckas when I famous and u talk about me like that I'm coming to yo house to hunt u down!!!!!!!!!


Is Trace wearing one of Miley's outfits ?


Did anyone seem to put things together....Trace and Brenda just called off an engagement near the same time Miley and Liam announced theirs....Trace is emo anyway so posting lyrics like that is just referencing that uhhhh duhhhh hes upset about his breakup! Its not like he posted it toward miley or it woulda been @mileycyrus blah blah blah cut arms blah blah find what u want......ummm no he just tweeted it....Trace is down and out about sure thats all that ment.


miley is a bich whos way to skinny and there is pictures of her doing drugs at parties and she is cheating on liam


I hate those people who say Miley is bitch. They don't even know her. They are judging her over a rumour. I truly believe Miley doesn't cut herself but if she did or does it's her buisness and it's not for the world to talk about and judge her. Miley isn't cheating on Liam. They just got engaged. Love you Miley


You guys are giving her hate when there's a possibility that she cuts, seriously?! Is your life this pathetic that you have to go around gossip sites and bash on people because your lives are that pathetic? Get over yourselves. Miley has made more before she turns 20 than you guys will ever make in your entire life. If she is cutting, it's because of you guys. Because you tear her down when it isn't needed, you ignorant assholes.


simple question 2 all da commntators if u hate miley so much den y u r interested to get all her news n if it is not true then stop sayin some1 bitch coz u don knw her personally...dumb ur work



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