Michael Jackson Death Anniversary Celebrates King of Pop's Life

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June 25 is Michael Jackson's death anniversary. The King of Pop died three years ago today at the age of 50 after suffering cardiac arrest at his home.

The coroner ruled it a homicide, and Dr. Conrad Murray, who was over-medicating MJ to a dangerous degree, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Murray obviously did not mean to kill Jackson, but was nonetheless responsible for the fatal combination of sedatives that led to the singer's demise.

The Moonwalk

Serving a four-year sentence, and complaining that he is wasting away in jail amid horrid conditions, Murray has been behind bars since November.

Michael may be gone, but three years later, his legacy lives on.

In a way, MJ passing away shifted the focus back to his musical greatness and away from the personal problems and eccentricities that dominated news.

Jackson’s mother, Katherine, has permanent custody of his offspring, all three of which have all gone on to become well-adjusted, normal children.

Just what he would have wanted, and worked so hard to achieve.

Musically, his death introduced Jackson to a new generation of fans and invigorated tens of millions of older ones. He hasn't been this popular in 30 years!

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I miss you mj


Dear Michael: Thank you for your incredible gift of music. Thanks for bringing fun and joy into millions of people's lives with your sons. Rest in peace. We will remember you always.


Really miss you. Wish you were here. Wish I would have gone to see you in concert sing and dance your heart out. Truly a rare and beautiful music god. Thanks for the memories.


we love you michael jackson and we will cherish you everyday


Rest in peace, Michael! We all miss you infinitely!




Plz mj come back mj we really miss you every day iam feeling alone we can't forget you


Why mj why are gone our life half without you because mj you are best dancer in this world first time i saw your a photo and this time iam alway sad we really miss you mike please come back mj


mj..the king of world no1 super star in ever.. forever
i love mj....plz com back ....plz plz
mj is my.......heart.......i love my mj..................realy missssss uuuuuuu


you ll always stay in my heart, i miss you and i cant till believe that u are gone... i love you michael :'( i wish you are smiling to the place where you are and i wish its a better place...

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