Matt Lauer Divorce: Averted by Savannah Guthrie Announcement!

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Ann Curry is out as co-host of The Today Show, Savannah Guthrie is in and Matt Laurer's marriage is safe.

Wait... what?!?

The National Enquirer claims Lauer's wife, Annette Roque, was very concerned that her husband was pushing for long-time correspondent Natalie Morales to take over the seat next to him every morning, a situation that allegedly would have led to Roque filing for divorce.

Why? Well, take a look at Morales...

Matt Lauer Photograph
Natalie Morales Picture

"When she heard about Ann getting the boot, the first thing she told Matt was she didn't want him cozying up any closer to Natalie," a tabloid source said of Lauer and Roque.

"In fact, Annette drew a line in the sand and said if he pushed show bosses to make Natalie his new co-host, she'd divorce him."

This isn't the first time that split rumors have sprung up between this couple.

In May 2010, insiders also told the Enquirer that Lauer was having an affair. Nothing came of the story, the marriage remained intact and now, thanks to the hiring of Guthrie, it appears as if the same applies here.


First if someone needs to leave I think it should be Matt, after all the problem is between him and his wife. Get your marriage fixed then go on from there, don't destroy someone else's career in an attempt to fix your problem.
Second the new host Savanna, watch and tell me if Matt sits anywhere it is always right with her, if anyone is touching it is him to her, You can see a spark and childish flirting when he looks at her. I think he has just changed one person for another at the cost of a highly proficient and liked woman's career. Matt needs a hiatus to fix his problems and get his perspective right. I think they need to bring Ann back as his replacement and while they are at it off the weatherman, its not like he really does weather he just reads text and makes bad jokes.


I won't continue to watch the Today Show after the Olympics if Ann will not be on at all. I miss her kindness and professionalism. Please reply and tell me when I might see her reporting again.


I thought Ann was going to be in London reporting on the Olympics. Another NBC lie. I have been watching and have not seen her. Is she in LOndon reporting on the Olympics?


I didn't hear about the rumors ahead of time, and started wondering why Ann Curry wasn't on my Today Show podcasts. I thought maybe she was finally taking a real vacation with her family. As the weeks went on I knew something was wrong. I went online and found out Ann was ousted as co-anchor. I am so very disappointed in what has happened. It is the Today Show's loss to not have Ann there. Matt is a great co-anchor but he seems a little pretentious and not as genuine as Ann. True, Ann needs to be less serious and more fun in cooking shows or segments that are not serious stories but they need to give her more time to work on things. Savannah Guthrie is not a good replacement. She seems nice and all, but very boring to the audience. I loved seeing Ann on the show every morning. In fact, I looked forward to it. Ann will be sorely missed.


I will miss Ann Curry.


Ann Curry was the only "real" person on The Today show. She is a true journalist and i will miss her. I have watched NBC almost exclusively most of my adult life but not anymore. When I watch it is now GMA. NBC I seldom watch anymore.


I never liked viewing the Today Show with Matt Laurer hosting. Now tht he seems to be instrumental in getting Ann Curry removed, I will certainly not watch "Today". It is GMA for me.......


The bottom line is we need Matt and Meredith to be a team again! Savannah or Ann can not measure up to Meredith. I'll keeping watching but Savannah really needs to go.


Matt is a JERK. The Today Show is now a JOKE. I have moved to GMA never looked at another morning show until now. I hope ratings sink to at least 3rd place. It is time to clean house and start with a new crew - first by getting rid of Matt. Of course he is the GOLDEN CHILD - the CHOSEN ONE - so NBC will may him MILLIONS if he ever goes. Very unjust. The giddy-headed crew that now comprise the cast of the show, headed up by their ringleader is laughable. I hope the ratings continue to TANK! Ann was pure class. I miss her. Lots of love to


NBC has lost a viewer for the TODAY SHOW. To replace Ann Curry with Savannah Guthrie was a huge mistake.......Ann was professional, caring and very hard working.....liked her not care for Guthrie's flippant legal style. The handling of the firing of Ann was disgraceful.....It is obvious by Matt's actions he played a role in getting rid of Ann.
The Today Show has gone forever for me and some of my friends....i
Ann Curry will go on to better things as soon as she gets over the nasty way in which she was let go.
NBC hope you learn from this one!!!!!