Matt Lauer Divorce: Averted by Savannah Guthrie Announcement!

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Ann Curry is out as co-host of The Today Show, Savannah Guthrie is in and Matt Laurer's marriage is safe.

Wait... what?!?

The National Enquirer claims Lauer's wife, Annette Roque, was very concerned that her husband was pushing for long-time correspondent Natalie Morales to take over the seat next to him every morning, a situation that allegedly would have led to Roque filing for divorce.

Why? Well, take a look at Morales...

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"When she heard about Ann getting the boot, the first thing she told Matt was she didn't want him cozying up any closer to Natalie," a tabloid source said of Lauer and Roque.

"In fact, Annette drew a line in the sand and said if he pushed show bosses to make Natalie his new co-host, she'd divorce him."

This isn't the first time that split rumors have sprung up between this couple.

In May 2010, insiders also told the Enquirer that Lauer was having an affair. Nothing came of the story, the marriage remained intact and now, thanks to the hiring of Guthrie, it appears as if the same applies here.


Its so sad to see this morning show reduce itself to showcase a group of non professionals. Matt Lauer will never be able to redeem himself in the viewers eyes. Yes he is a bully, to put an end to a woman's career where her job was her #1 priority, very respected by viewers, and her colleagues. Ann was shabisly treated, a disgrace for NBC. I stopped watching, now watching GMA an uplifting morning news casting, they even reconized Amys talent, what a shame NBC did not try to keep her as well. Is Matt so insecure with these talented journalist surrounding him he feels threatened? As for Savanagh, I cannot listen to her voice, it is unpleasant to the ears. Who is she related to?????? Oh well we are all moving on! YEA GMA!


I think Matt Lauer is taking Bryant Gumbel by trying to get rid cohosts Ann Curry,like Bryant tried to get rid of Willard Scott years ago.Matt is getting a swelled head being a host and needs to be dumped by NBC! !


I agree Matt Lauer has turned into a condescending, self absorbed arrogant newscaster, he has single handedly destroyed a morning news show a lot of people use to enjoy. He had no business to blame Ann Curry for any of the rating issues, he should look closer at himself. He has no chemistry with Savanna Guthrie, and the format is awful,{ that is an issue for the producers, too fast too sad}, people want to be uplifted in the morning not drone on about sad issues for an entire segment then rush through many leaving the viewer dizzy. Bring back Ann Curry, Meredith Vieira, and Katie Couric, and let Matt go he's bringing down the whole show. He will ;probably end up blaming Savannah Guthrie next, don't let this ha[[en please listen to your views. 'Even Al Roker doesn't look as happy as he use to be.


I am not sad about NOT watching the Today Show. Matt Lauer sank it single-handedly. He is the most condescending man on TV. I won't watch Today show because of him. I won't watch because he's a jerk and treated Ann Curry like crap. Then, Lauer believes that Savannah, homely, unkempt, fatigued Savannah will save the Today show. Not happening. First in the morning, I want to uplifted, like my cup of joe. Savannah is a bore. Matt is a bore. What happened to NBC's Today show. YUCK!


So, my mom posted recently and I agree with her. Matt Lauer is way old. He was probably good at one time but Josh Elliot is who my generation want to watch. Josh Elliot and Natalie Morales would be my pick for hosting the Today Show. You want to let Matt L. dictate host, and that's your dollar. Ratings bring advertising and Matt Lauer is like my dad's age. I don't want to know about his problems with his wife and Natalie. I think Matt Lauer is pretty immature to forfeit ratings because his "wife thinks he had an affair" with whoever. We don't care anymore. We care about how you present today's news, fashion, celeb, viral videos, stuff like that. Matt L. is stuck in the 80's with an ego the size of our planet earth. Matt and Savannah are 'icky'. Please refresh your Today show. Watching GMA of course, because that's cool. They engage us. Today throws people under the bus. No one likes bullying. We see Matt L. as a bully. so is his wife.


I have found Matt Lauer to be a condescending jerk. I had watched the Today show for so many years until Ann Curry's firing. Not that Ann should have been replaced but not by Savannah - ick! That Savannah is unkempt, non-engaging...on and on. Why would Matt tap her to be his side wing? He wants women around him to fail. Natalie Morales' opinions, presentation and ability to engage a breath audience far out ways Matt Lauer's influence. NBC believes Matt Lauer is their future. WRONG. Natalie and Al Roker should be the hosts. Others, Donny Deusch (sp?), and Kathie Lee & Hoda make ratings. What foolish shenanigans on the part of NBC - trying to make Matt Lauer happy at the NBC viewer's expense. GONE. I will not watch Today any longer. I won't even Tivo my 2 favs, KathieLee and Hoda because of NBC's stupidity. GET RID OF MATT LAUER AND that Savannah gal (she is reprehensible and not engaging) NBC = ICK


I am sad to say I don't watch The Today Show anymore I just simply do not like the chemistry of Matt and Savannah. The whole show has lost it's mojo if you know what I mean. Sad to say I am no longer a fan and have moved to Good Morning America wow what a difference.


I have watched the Today show for over 20 years enduring Matt Lauer because I love Katie Curic, Meredith Veira and Ann Curry. NBC you should have gotten rid of Matt instead of Ann!! Ann is a very gracious professional compassionate smart lady. Matt what comes around goes around. I love the Olympics, but because I can't stand seeing Matt, Savannah, Al and Natalie without Ann I just waited for the prime time show to air the Olympics and the highlights. Now, I am watching Good Morning America..I hope they continue to be the #1 morning show and the Today Show to continue to tank!!..Good for Amy to join GMA...


I've been watching the Today Show since Dave Garroway was the host. The show is so horrible now that I can't stand to have it on . The Four Clowns (Matt, Al, Savannah, Natalie) are just that: CLOWNS. The producers of the show must have no clue as to what viewers want. The Olympics were a total disaster for NBC and mostly the fault of the Today crew. People who were interested in the competition had to sit through hours of BS mini-dramas created by the same people who thought we'd enjoy seeing Al Roker made up to look one of the Beatles. NBC has moved into fourth place among the four big networks in my book. Garbage.


For years I have started my mornings watching the today show, now I can't hardly bare to have it on my TV. Ann Curry was such a delight to watch, I loved her compassion towards people she interviewed, and always thought Matt Lauer was great...until now. He should be ashamed of the way he has treated Ann Curry. It was oblivious to viewers he never cared for her and now to end his time with Ann as he did, he should be ashamed of himself.

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