Matt Lauer Divorce: Averted by Savannah Guthrie Announcement!

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Ann Curry is out as co-host of The Today Show, Savannah Guthrie is in and Matt Laurer's marriage is safe.

Wait... what?!?

The National Enquirer claims Lauer's wife, Annette Roque, was very concerned that her husband was pushing for long-time correspondent Natalie Morales to take over the seat next to him every morning, a situation that allegedly would have led to Roque filing for divorce.

Why? Well, take a look at Morales...

Matt Lauer Photograph
Natalie Morales Picture

"When she heard about Ann getting the boot, the first thing she told Matt was she didn't want him cozying up any closer to Natalie," a tabloid source said of Lauer and Roque.

"In fact, Annette drew a line in the sand and said if he pushed show bosses to make Natalie his new co-host, she'd divorce him."

This isn't the first time that split rumors have sprung up between this couple.

In May 2010, insiders also told the Enquirer that Lauer was having an affair. Nothing came of the story, the marriage remained intact and now, thanks to the hiring of Guthrie, it appears as if the same applies here.


After 40 years, I have to leave the Today Show. It is so boring now that they have committed to filling the show with a bunch of Stepford Wives who have chemistry with aging Matt Lauer types. It is so boring! Shows with diversity of age and culture and life experience have so much more insight to offer. They only keep Al as a clown. He'll be replaced with a clone soon.


Matt L is one of those men who has NO talent and can only be described as one of those "A" type. No class,
slightly more than Savannah but not much. We now have a "used to be show" lacking people with education, class and not simpletons who clearly just say what they think ratings want!!!!!


Agree with others, Gunthry is a horrible, comes across very immature and yes to drooling over Obama. Where did all the class people go? Definately not to this 'used to be news' show. Emphasis on the word show! After years of being a loyal watcher, I can no longer take it, I am moving on....


I feel you reall messed up by letting Ann Curry go. Without her, the today Show is a Circus including the Clowns. Ann Curry was the only one with any class.
Everyone now and in the past few years, think they had to talk over each other and their guest. That i just plain RUDE. I am also movig on to some thing more intellgent and interesting.


They are all narcissists who only think of themselves and anything that can stroke their egos is too much of a temptation to pass up.


I no longer watch the Today show because all you hear are people talking over each other. the food segments are the very worst - you would think these people have never been in a kitchen before. and add Lester Holt to the list of incompetents. oh, and savannah would make a great bauble-head - in real size. ann curry was the only one who acted with intelligence and now that is gone too. i'll choose a show with people who can report, listen to each other, and act with integrity while on the air, rather than trying to be so cute all the time.

@ Cheryl Angel

The show is awful now. Get rid of all of them especially Matt Lauer and bring back Ann then we will watch the show again.


I agree with all on Ann,,,she is a lovely well educated lady and Great at reporting and to replace her with Savannah is obscene.
Matt's wife should be worried about Savannah, looks like she and Matt has a thing going and I don't mean reporting the news...They are the news, everyone in my area are talking about it...


Must agree with the other comments. What a disaster- today is officially yesterday! Bad decisions all around. And do,we really need to,go through another election cycle with Savannah acting like a lap,dog every time she mentions Obama. When will true professionals replace this amateur? Thankfully we have choices and I choose anything but Today!


I am still watching the Today show but I am in shock about the rumor that the affair he had was with Natalie Morales !!!!!! I can't believe it. The worst part of the today show is all the non news nonsense like recreating the old photos and Matt's clothes at the Olympics!!!! More news less nonsense please. At least now Ann Curry can be a reporter. She wasn't always comfortable doing the nonsense stuff.


I agree with the above. Ann was a class act and the fact they removed her from that post- but mainly the way they did, was the reason I switched to GMA. Matt is the one who should have left. This show is the problem. GMA is a better show no...w in terms of the reporting, people, energy and show content. I love Josh, Sam, Amy- who is the former Saturday Today Show co-anchor and filled in for Robin and Lara. Amy even jumped ship and is getting more exposure she deserves. Today has gone down and getting rid of a wonderful person and reporter as Ann, made their ship sink further. What a bad mistake.