Mariah Carey Teases New Summer Album

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Mariah Carey has enjoyed a busy last couple months.

She's renewed her wedding vows. She's celebrated Barack Obama's support of gay marriage. She's turned 42 years old.

And, unbeknownst until now, the legendary singer has also spent time in a recording studio. How else to interpret Mariah's Tweet from yesterday, which certainly seems to tease an upcoming album and was accompanied by the following photo:

"So.. Summer 2012.. Been in the lab, mixing up some concoctions for you, hope you like it!! #MCSummer2012”

Mariah Carey Twit Pic

Are you excited for a new Mariah Carey album?


" WASHED UP " what F**king word is that ...


Mariah Is a legend and will never be "washed up" Haters should shut up is right!!!! I'm ready for everything she has planned.!! MC 4EVER!!


I think people who just hate are usually the ones with no insight of a rea life. Mariah's talent proves itself each and everytime, washed up never amazing ofcourse! (Manny and Not my Deal) if your a hater which you are it shows how sad you must be to talk about someone who sh*Ts on you totally, completly and utterly just more and amazing person than you all will ever be or can dram to be..Mariah you do it girl and keep doing it beause haters come washed up Manny and Not my Deal!...get a life boys or girl whichever who cares...!


Agree with u manny but, I'm not a fan at all of Mariah or Adele either. I would hope that there will be somebody that can come out a beautiful voice.


WASHED UP... old and not to mention dumb. Please stop yelling and dress for your age.


Cannot wait i am tired of katy perry,rhianna.Adele was cool time for more good shit.

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Mariah Carey Biography

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Mariah Carey can hit high notes very, very well. She's had an incredible career, that's for sure. Carey is marred to Nick Cannon and... More »
Huntington, New York
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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Quotes

I'm in love with my dog. He is my special someone. I love spending time with him.

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We really do feel we are soulmates. I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me.

Mariah Carey [on Nick Cannon]