Maria Menounos Admits to Sexual Abuse by Doctors

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She's typically all smiles when reporting for Extra or donning a bikini in Times Square.

But Maria Menounos admitted this morning on The Howard Stern Show that she's been hiding a dark secret: the beauty has been sexually abused by multiple doctors over the years.

Maria Menounos Photograph

"I was really young, so I was so uncomfortable," Menounos  said of the experience, which entailed a physician's visit over a throat issue, which led to the doctor touching her genitals. "[My boyfriend] Kevin was in the waiting room and I literally started screaming... I was just so uncomfortable I didn’t know what to do."

Maria then said other situations arose with male gynecologists when they complimented her belly button ring and then touched it. She now brings her boyfriend into all examinations.

Stern said his wife has actually shared similar stories with him. But, like Menounos, she refused to press charges when encouraged to do so.



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I know what she went through, I saw a doctor for a broken thumb, and was checked for a hernia.


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@HiltonHater: I know you sometimes scan the comments. It is generally frowned upon to use the word "admit" where discussing sexual abuse from the victims perspective. "Admit" implies shame or guilt. Thats why you "admit" to something bad that you DID and not something bad that was DONE to you. Please in future use language like "discloses" or "reveals" when writing about matters of this nature. Otherwise, I enjoy your posts very much.


what . Really ?


oh come on guys ....if all the women requested a female doctor then why sould male doctors even exist ?tell me how can you say that ?? i agree with Heather


I once read that after she interviewed Vin Diesel, she went into the bathroom with him. Stayed n their for ten minutes. I wonder if her boyfriend was waiting for her then?

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So why didn't she tell someone when these abuses happened? I am not refuting her claims, but as another poster said, why not request a female doctor? All docs seem to have a nurse or assistant in the room these days. A day late and a dollar short...,


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She could always simply request a female doctor but i guess that's just too complicated for her and her boyfriend.