Marco Rubio Not Vetted By Mitt Romney For V.P.

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U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, a rising Republican political star, is not being vetted by Mitt Romney for the Vice Presidential nomination, according to reports.

It was widely assumed that even if he didn't get the nod, Rubio, 41, would at least be on Romney's short list of possible V.P. picks for obvious reasons.

Young, charismatic and wildly popular with conservatives, he could also help Republicans win a key state (Florida) and make inroads with Hispanics.

Apparently Romney isn't looking at Rubio for the post, however.

Romney and Rubio

The first-term Senator has not been asked to complete any personal questionnaires or been asked to turn over any financial documents, insiders say.

It's been months since Romney named longtime aide Beth Myers to run his V.P. search, so it's unlikely she simply hasn't gotten to vetting Rubio yet.

Officially the Romney campaign has no comment, and Rubio has refused to make any sort of comment when it comes to vice presidential questions.

The news will be disappointing to some prominent conservatives who have been openly encouraging Romney not just consider, but pick Rubio.

Either way, Rubio has stumped for presumptive GOP nominee Romney, who frequently praises his younger counterpart on the campaign trail as well.

The 64-year-old Romney is polling about even with President Obama nationally and in key swing states such as Florida ahead of November's election.


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