Madonna Flashes Nipple in Concert [VIDEO]

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Even at 53, Madonna is clearly not afraid to go there.

During her concert in Istanbul this weekend, the Queen of Pop tantalized the crowd during a performance of her hit song “Human Nature,” wearing a skimpy bra top that she promptly pulled down to reveal one voluptuous nipple.

This was no wardrobe malfunction, either.

This is Madge basically saying "yes, I can and will do this ... deal."

As the decades go by, Madonna has shown no signs of slowing down, or going soft. She continues confront critics - with an absence of subtlety - who say she goes too far in invoking sex in her music and performances.

She's still finding an audience for it, too.

Her big MDNA concert stop in Istanbul came before 55,000 strong, and she reportedly followed up “Human Nature” with “Like A Virgin” ... natch.

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It looked just fine to me, but she's my age so...
Instructive however was the crowd noises in what is supposed to be a large Muslim population. They loved it!


@ eyes- I agree- all the great ones knew when it was time to hang it up. Mistook you for someone else- earlier.


Auntie Madonna is just trying to keep up with Lady Gaga and other young female singers, but it's fallin' flat. I agree if this is what it takes for her to remain relevant? Forget it!


topeka tornado sorry mom im a bad boy.


I'm sorry but at 53? Ugh, trying to stay relevant must be tiring for her. Act your age M, at least reasonably so....?!


@ Pally- you have a fresh mouth! The way you talk - I sware. Bar of Soap would do you good.


Nasty, noticed that the nip was looking at the floor. Too old, too desparate.


those turkey boys must have list their minds seeing a big ole nip hanging not something you see everyday in the muslim world alah wouldnt be happy there might be nip gihad.