Madonna Flashes Nipple in Concert [VIDEO]

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Even at 53, Madonna is clearly not afraid to go there.

During her concert in Istanbul this weekend, the Queen of Pop tantalized the crowd during a performance of her hit song “Human Nature,” wearing a skimpy bra top that she promptly pulled down to reveal one voluptuous nipple.

This was no wardrobe malfunction, either.

This is Madge basically saying "yes, I can and will do this ... deal."

As the decades go by, Madonna has shown no signs of slowing down, or going soft. She continues confront critics - with an absence of subtlety - who say she goes too far in invoking sex in her music and performances.

She's still finding an audience for it, too.

Her big MDNA concert stop in Istanbul came before 55,000 strong, and she reportedly followed up “Human Nature” with “Like A Virgin” ... natch.

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Seriously, you're all messed up. Madonna at 53 is hotter than most Americans at 23. Get a grip. She's entertained us for years. Well done Madonna. Well done.


most 53 year olds dont look like she does .i think she should get both of them out next time.go madonna!!!


arent you a bit too old to be doing shit like that.
we dont want to see your nipples thank you very much freaking retard


Spray on startch and an iron- that's a start. She hasn't aged well and with good reason. We all get it- still wanting to push the envelope in different countries. So very impressive. I would give a standing "O" had I not seen the same shit for the last 3 decades.


oh goodness. the nipple wasn't even the worst part. her dancing and parading about, needing so much attention and approval. Madonna Wardrobe Malfunction flashes her Nipple on stage in Istanbul show full video here


Probably trying to convince people she is a woman. Coz her face dont do it. What an old slapper


It's a Granny sourous nip. It looked like a clothes peg that has been in the sun too long. Shrivelled up apricot. Old granny nips. Theres no milk just milk powder


This old bag will do anything! Hey M no one wants to see that body anymore. Grow up mentally you old bag!


@Topeka Tornado careful with that identity thingy! Ha!


That was so wrong. That looked like a shriveled up raisin. Not much left of her, is there? She is way too skinny and boney, and that thing needs hidden.