Lindsay Lohan to Cost (or Make) Lifetime Tens of Millions?

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Hiring Lindsay Lohan is clearly a high-risk, high-reward endeavor.

The last month made that abundantly clear, but which way will it break for Lifetime? That remains to be seen, but she's got the Liz & Dick producers spooked.

Having hired Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor, the network received more publicity than they could've dreamed ... but not always for the reasons they'd like.

Understandably, higher-ups are upset and worried over her car accident and the recent episode in which she passed out so hard people had to call 911. 

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Three weeks into filming, producers are fearing the following:

  • That the company who insured Lindsay Lohan might bail
  • That her probation will be violated for lying to police
  • That she will get into yet another bad car accident
  • That she'll surround herself with the wrong people
  • That her exhaustion was a warning sign

On the flip side, if the worst case scenario doesn't happen ... think about all the PR she's getting! Has anyone ever talked this much about a Lifetime film?

Okay, the one in which LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian decided to be home wreckers was kinda big ... as was the one starring Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts.

LiLo could blow them both out of the water, though ... if she doesn't completely self-destruct. The million-dollar question: Can she keep it together?!


Don't hold "past"issues against her? That's one of the dumbest comments I've ever read. The article is about CURRENT issues she's having, and it's all repetitive behavior, e.g. jewelry theft (she's on probation for jewelry theft right now, and she has been accused/investigated numerous times for theft, even Scotland Yard has had her under investigation); passing out due to "exhaustion" (read: intoxication); not paying a fifty thousand dollar hotel bill she accumulated while filming this movie; wrecking an expensive sports car and lying to police about (not only can this offense revoke her probation, she can get up to year for the new offense); she trashed Liz Taylors trailer to the tune of $100,000.00. She has clearly proved beyond all doubt that she cannot be relied upon or trusted with the responsibility of carrying a multi-million dollar project.


Hello?! Ratings!!


Oh good grief, give the woman a break. Yes she's had her legal issues and what not but she's still a great actress. Obviously Lifetime doesn't have a problem with her otherwise they wouldn't have hired her to take on the role of Liz. The producers always seem to have concerns, why shouldn't they. They won't relax until they see how the movie turns out and what people have to say about it. I think Lilo is determined to make it a success. She'll be fine, don't hold her past issues against her.


If she leaves this earth before the movie airs, Lifetime will have high ratings, when it finally does air.


I'm sorry but this day and time every-time I hear about Lindsay,I think of a loser!! Same with her parents!!


Lohan is a has been, rather a never was. She never really had any talent. Why they keep hiring this loser is beyond me. She was cute as a kid but that was years ago and her time has definately past. Hopefully she'll take her millions a fade into the sunset.


i would most certinally watch this gal. Shut the hell up you idiots. shes obvisoully going throught some tough shit. remember her girl Sam????? It probally is seperation anxitey.


She'll do fine and more than likely will break a record for Lifetime's records.


I'm not watching but I'm sure plenty of people will tune in, enough to make up for the trouble she's caused I don't know. I think a majority will tune in just to make fun of her and her ridiculous costumes and accent. That's a sad way to get people to watch you in a movie. Too many decent actors out there that won't give producers a headache every time they shoot a scene so why do they put up with it except to drain the publicity pool dry for free.


Who in their rite mind would pay to watch her? Yuck!


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