Lindsay Lohan Gun Photos Spark Controversy

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Famed photographer Terry Richardson has caused a stir after he posted an image on his blog of troubled star Lindsay Lohan with a handgun in her mouth.

Considering who we're talking about, the imagery is shocking.

Playing with guns is never cool, of course, but when the girl doing so is the #1 seed in everyone's celebrity death pool and looks like a drugged-out mess?

That just feels wrong, but it certainly gets people talking ...

Lindsay Lohan Gun Photo

Wednesday, Richardson pulled the controversial photos of the 25-year-old star, replacing the gun pics with a new set of racy black and white images.

The sexy shots, taken inside her home away from home (the Chateau Marmont), show Lindsay in a see-through bra and underwear. Pretty standard.

Posing nude is nothing new for Lohan, who just took it all off for Playboy in an homage to Marilyn Monroe, and did a similar spread for NY Magazine years ago.

Terry is no stranger to pushing the envelope either. Racy photos of celebs are sort of his calling card ... along with the Kate Upton Cat Daddy video.

Check out more of the Lindsay Lohan photos in question below ...

Lindsay Lohan Gun Picture
Lindsay Lohan Boobs Picture
Lindsay Lohan Gun
Lindsay Lohan Nipples
Lindsay Lohan Gun Pic
Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Photo

Stop teasing us. Just do it already. So sick of her pathetic attempts to be 'cool' and 'relevant'.


Lindsay Lohan Gun her Mouth Photoshoot for Terry Richardson All Pics Revealed Here


How low can ya go, Linzer???? Put the gun down...go to college. Do something productive with your life, girl!


The gun is aimed all the time to her! poor lindie guys wanna have some cash , go to




"Can she keep it together?! Yes, she's learned her lesson by now!
No, she's spineless, weak and surrounded by enablers!" Hey how about an option with takes half a brain, like "She's confused and emotionally sick but has a chance if she works at it." See, it wasn't that hard.


5 years and no more linds I'm betting


For something to be "controversial" there must be a difference of opinion. Is there anyone in the world who does NOT think the crappy pics this stupid woman is always posing for with this pervy photog are crap? Anyone NOT expect stupid behavior from this cow and that her behavior will be even more stupid in this perv's presence? Where's the controversy?


Oh my god.... I don't know what to say to this one...


I think Ms. Lohan enjoys the attention that comes with the controversy. Kinda sad, really. Looking for love in all the wrong places?


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