Lil Wayne Tells Drake to Quash Chris Brown Beef

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Lil Wayne is getting in the middle of Drake's beef with Chris Brown, though his goal is to end it amicably so all parties involved can keep making cash money.

Weezy and his peeps at Young Money, which reps Drake, have been quietly urging him to do what he can to put the feud to bed because it's bad for the biz.

Yes ... as violent and hardcore as the rap game cis, there is such a thing as bad PR, and Lil Wayne senses that stemming from the Chris Brown-Drake fight.

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Sources say Drake has gotten calls from Weezy, Birdman, Mack Maine and others at Young Money, urging the rapper to extend an olive branch to Brown.

Since Brown appears on several tracks with YM members, they feel it's best to let bygones be bygones after the fight that got W.i.P. nightclub shut down.

Drake doesn't want to reach out to Chris, however, until he knows CB doesn't blame him for the melee that led to serious injuries and property damage.

Brown's lawyer has been saying that Drake was one of the aggressors, which the Canadian rapper denies, as does Meek Mill, the other rapper involved.

Lil Wayne has made it clear he's on Drake's side no matter what, but "making money matters most" and the bottom line trumps any personal grudge.

When Lil Wayne is the voice of reason, you know $h!t is outta hand.

Instigator or not, Drake best take heed, even if - to borrow one of our favorite Weeds quotes - thug means never having to say you're sorry.



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Ok number 1 no matter how good drake gets his fan base ain't shyt compared to breezys. Meek mills a better rapper then both them nigas and that's why breezy didn't dis meek. This all over sum female sht and they a bunch of btch ass dudes for falling into Rihannas bullshit. Shake hands all three of y'all nigas and make a single together called bar fight! TRiiCKY out!


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Look though i don't know about y'all nigga's but i may not be young money. But im on drake side. I aint got nun with chris but if it's over rihanna then chris don't deserve ha. So drake need 2 be wit ha if thats the case in on da b if any of yall niggas disrespect my comment..its gone b me & you at the scene next !

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