Lil Wayne Tells Drake to Quash Chris Brown Beef

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Lil Wayne is getting in the middle of Drake's beef with Chris Brown, though his goal is to end it amicably so all parties involved can keep making cash money.

Weezy and his peeps at Young Money, which reps Drake, have been quietly urging him to do what he can to put the feud to bed because it's bad for the biz.

Yes ... as violent and hardcore as the rap game cis, there is such a thing as bad PR, and Lil Wayne senses that stemming from the Chris Brown-Drake fight.

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Sources say Drake has gotten calls from Weezy, Birdman, Mack Maine and others at Young Money, urging the rapper to extend an olive branch to Brown.

Since Brown appears on several tracks with YM members, they feel it's best to let bygones be bygones after the fight that got W.i.P. nightclub shut down.

Drake doesn't want to reach out to Chris, however, until he knows CB doesn't blame him for the melee that led to serious injuries and property damage.

Brown's lawyer has been saying that Drake was one of the aggressors, which the Canadian rapper denies, as does Meek Mill, the other rapper involved.

Lil Wayne has made it clear he's on Drake's side no matter what, but "making money matters most" and the bottom line trumps any personal grudge.

When Lil Wayne is the voice of reason, you know $h!t is outta hand.

Instigator or not, Drake best take heed, even if - to borrow one of our favorite Weeds quotes - thug means never having to say you're sorry.



drake ma friend dnt let ur self down man no body cn stp u wen u want 2 suck a bitch man if sh loves u sh wl allw u 2 suck her bt only god can judge u an thy knw thy knw thy knw u must her more chance 2decide abt u an cb *reply


I fell that both niggas go hard at what they do. But I think chris still loves that hoe that's y he trippin and she don't want now one of them she playing them like a video game. They shouldn't fight over no female that's stupid like wyane said its all about money make the money fuck everything else. These dudes act like boys insted of men real shit and when you in a fight everything goes so what he had used a bottle that don't matter chris brown hit females we all know what they say about that.


Drake would beat the fuck outta Chris and drake did respond in his new track with Aaliyah "Enough Said"
Drake vs. Chris soft ass, drake too fucking swole Chris is weak
Nuff said !


pussy ass niggaz fyt for pussies.drizzy show the yung nigga you can be civilized......


Drake is a bitch ass nigga. Chris brown would beat the shit out of him chris is ready to go 1 on 1 I don't see drake doin anything cuzz he hiding in a corner cryin like the pussy ass nigga he is.


Don't sit here and act like none yall bitches wouldnt throw a bottle!!! There isn't any rules in fight dumb ass people I swear. And Chris brown really come on now shit head you beat women scary ass. Come beat on me hoe ass!!! Drake would stomp that dude


drake shut that shit down you dont know how to figth or rap so give it up boy yea i am going to call you a boy cuz boyz figth overe girls .chris brown had her frist lay backe you are a jok to me .
CHRIS BROWN ALL DAY! roger that bicth ass nigga drake. drake oyu are not cuit why are you in y.m your raping is facke you dont rap about nothing good so way at all duh!


Am a big fan of drake but hearing this news make me suprise all i wanted was big r n b star chrisbrown and hiphop king to do a collaboration and is gonna be a banger


I am a drake fan bt what just happened makes me suprise(1)lil wayne is right making money with chris brown its a big game(2)drake is also in a right position because a beef is never called out but need to be wön(3)is not good fighting 4 just 1 tits fuck


Their is alot of bitches out there n i dont think y breezy n drake should waste there time fighting 4 a pussy instead of making

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