Lil Wayne Feels "Unwelcome, Unwanted" By Oklahoma City Thunder After Ticket "Snub"

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After the Oklahoma City Thunder denied Lil Wayne entry to Game 3 of the NBA's Western Conference Finals the other night, the rapper was left out in the cold.

And reeling emotionally. Despite the seemingly fair and straightforward reason for his denial - he had no ticket - he says he feels "unwelcome and unwanted."

The rapper said two Thunder players - Kevin Durant and James Harden - reached out to offer him tickets to last night's Game 4, but "that's not the point."

'That's the players stepping up but of course the players aren't white," Weezy lamented.

Lil Wayne, Gun

"I don't want to be sitting there next to a (person) that's like 'I don't want this (guy) sitting next to me.' (Forget) you ... I'm in Forbes,'' he laughed.

Lil Wayne Tweeted on Thursday night that he had been ''denied by the team to be in their arena.'' The team responded by saying the game was sold out.

But the Grammy-winner described a more complicated scenario later.

He said he typically procures tickets for such games ''from this guy named Mike'' who had requested special security, parking and entrance for LW.

According to Mike, whoever the heck that is, the team responded that they would only sell the courtside seats he requested for Mike's personal use.

In other words, no Lil Wayne. Allegedly. Anyone actually believe that?

In any case, Lil Wayne says he feels welcome at other arenas, including Miami, and likes being able to energize players - many of whom are fans of his music.

But in Oklahoma City, he said that while ''the players want me there and I respect that, I don't want to feel - I'm going to still feel unwanted. Unwelcome.''

Thunder star Kevin Durant is determined to change that, saying:

''We'd have loved to have him here in Oklahoma City. We'd have welcomed him with open arms. Hopefully, next time he can come and enjoy a game.''

''It was just a misunderstanding. We were sold out of tickets, I heard, and we didn't come through,'' Durant said. ''He knows a few of us on the team."

"We offered him tickets to tonight but he had to do something. He had something to do, but I'm sure if his schedule was free, he would have came tonight."

"We're still inviting him to games - if not this year, next year."

The rapper says that while his manager is encouraging a boycott of the city, ''I never say never.'' The door is open, Weezy. Just call a few days ahead.



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Please! First of all Dwayne was offered FREE tickets right behind the Thunder bench but "his" people demanded four court side seats or no go. The game, like all Thunder games this year, was a sell out so the team would have had to kick four people out of their seats so he and his "security team" (read: hanger on's) could get free court side seats. He now has the nerve to get all RACIST and BIGOT like by sayin' the players was willin' cause they ain't white. DWAYNE! PLEASE GET SOME HELP! These RACIST feelings are going to destroy you! Please STOP being a BIGOT and judging people by the color of their skin! We are all people no matter what color we are. Seriously dude, you need help.


lol...damn always some shit!!! I understand that yeah....maybe some players from the team said they would try N get him a ticket but when they realized it was sold out then that shoulda been the end....its a wrap hommie...what happened happened...move on


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