Lil Wayne "Denied Entry" to Oklahoma City Thunder Game Due to "Lack of Ticket"

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Memo to Lil Wayne: You need "tickets" to get into an "event."

If the tickets are sold out, then you usually can't go. Sometimes there are exceptions, but usually not for a game that has already been sold out for weeks, and generally not for seats better than 99.9 percent of the people who bought them already.

Lil Wayne learned this the hard way last night.

Lil Wayne and Birdman

Weezy felt like going to Thursday's NBA playoff tilt between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the visiting San Antonio Spurs. The Thunder, with no seats to spare (least of all any courtside seats, which he insisted on sitting in), politely declined.

Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney says Lil Wayne's reps did contact the team requesting tickets, but insisted he sit on the front row, and no seats were available.

Oklahoma City sold out every game during the regular season and playoffs this year. Mahoney says: "We'd love to have him, but like anyone else, he needs a ticket."

Makes sense to us. But apparently not LW, who Tweeted this:

Weezy Tweeting

That's right, denied by the team, as if they were making some kind of statement. What a douche. Also, no way he was rooting for the Spurs last night. None.


Lol....ahh hell nah...Im sorry but who the fuck does lil wayne think he is??? Act n like he does'nt have to buy a ticket like everyone else....bitch please...go somewhere with that stupid ass shit....N they didnt deny you muthafucka get shit straight....they were sold out!!!




OK this is whats wrong with the world today everyone wants to make it a black white thing and that had nothing to do with it its about a celeb tring to get something for free like everyone of them do and this time he was denied not because of color but no seats grow up and quit whining over the whole color thing if that was true we would have more all white teams


Is there any reason why human society gives any attention and media space to "Lil Wayne?"


Just looking at this douchebag makes my stomach churn...and to think kids aspire to be like him. Nothing more than a thug with a few extra bucks.


hahaha what the hell dude didn't have a ticket so what was he thinking? he better lay off the weed,hes a freaking zombie. no ticket = ur not getting in lol .


LOL who is he? hes a guy who makes a shit ton of more money than you and is way more successful and your going to talk shit on him becauses hes black? your the low people morons. i agree they should not have let him in but these comments are rediculous, you say hes the scum you racist bitches are the scum.


Well one of his songs says that he has 14 bathrooms and can s* all would think he could buy a ticket!


June 1st, 2012 8:52 PM "Monkey please always trying to steel something." Gary please learn how to spell when making a joke or being a racist!


They are not any better than the people who worked hard to get their tickets. Bravo for them dening him.

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