Lil Wayne "Denied Entry" to Oklahoma City Thunder Game Due to "Lack of Ticket"

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Memo to Lil Wayne: You need "tickets" to get into an "event."

If the tickets are sold out, then you usually can't go. Sometimes there are exceptions, but usually not for a game that has already been sold out for weeks, and generally not for seats better than 99.9 percent of the people who bought them already.

Lil Wayne learned this the hard way last night.

Lil Wayne and Birdman

Weezy felt like going to Thursday's NBA playoff tilt between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the visiting San Antonio Spurs. The Thunder, with no seats to spare (least of all any courtside seats, which he insisted on sitting in), politely declined.

Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney says Lil Wayne's reps did contact the team requesting tickets, but insisted he sit on the front row, and no seats were available.

Oklahoma City sold out every game during the regular season and playoffs this year. Mahoney says: "We'd love to have him, but like anyone else, he needs a ticket."

Makes sense to us. But apparently not LW, who Tweeted this:

Weezy Tweeting

That's right, denied by the team, as if they were making some kind of statement. What a douche. Also, no way he was rooting for the Spurs last night. None.


Lil Wayne represents "thug mentality" that will continue to hunt black America for decades. We will continue to be at the bottom of the barrel because of Lil Wayne and other rappers have legitimize thug mentality that so many of my black brothers and sisters buy into. Sad but true!! Glad to her for Oklahoma City that want nothing to do with thug mentality. I am a native New Orleanian but a big fan of Oklahoma City especially since they gave the cold shoulder to Lil Wayne. Go Thunder!


This is total bullshit and you people are really f***ed up to say there was some kind of conspiracy because of Harden-Trina-Wayne. Get real, are u f'in kidding me? The game was sold out. . Get it? Sold f'in out. Lil Wayne should be called Lil Brain, that pussy crybaby. Think about it. Suppose u had tried to get into one of his shitty concerts without a ticket. How far do u that would get u? LOL.....


he is about the ugliest little man i have ever seen. He looks so stupid walking around with his nasty looking sagging pants,that look's like he had a bowel movement in them. if these guys had any idea of how dumb they look they would pull their pants up. They say sagging pants came from prison meaning you are some one's bitch.,pitiful.


I don't believe there was any prejudice. Some people at the last minute make decisions to go places and sometimes you can slide in and sometimes you can't.


"The spot gets smaller and I get bigger,
Tryna get into where I fit in, no room for a nigga"
Lil' Wayne's Lyrics to "Drop the World" ~ "maybe he is simply too BIG" :)


L.W.- YOU WHINY LIL PUNK!!!!! Get over yourself! You ain't nobody special! BUY A TICKET just like other people have to do. GROW THE H#$$ UP!!!!!


Niggga Please....Get yo black azz a ticket , you little whining biatch.


this is actually wrong ... he was denied entry because his ex wife trina is married to one of the thunder's and he didnt want him there , so he requested to the nba that lil wayne not be allowed to go to any of their games . get ur facts right .


YES! I just LOVE it when celebrities learn that they don't always get their way just because of their status! Human like everyone else, you have to follow simple COMMON SENSE RULES like everyone else!


Who does this S.O.B. think he is ?! This MF aint nobody special! Buy a ticket MF!

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