Lil Wayne "Denied Entry" to Oklahoma City Thunder Game Due to "Lack of Ticket"

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Memo to Lil Wayne: You need "tickets" to get into an "event."

If the tickets are sold out, then you usually can't go. Sometimes there are exceptions, but usually not for a game that has already been sold out for weeks, and generally not for seats better than 99.9 percent of the people who bought them already.

Lil Wayne learned this the hard way last night.

Lil Wayne and Birdman

Weezy felt like going to Thursday's NBA playoff tilt between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the visiting San Antonio Spurs. The Thunder, with no seats to spare (least of all any courtside seats, which he insisted on sitting in), politely declined.

Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney says Lil Wayne's reps did contact the team requesting tickets, but insisted he sit on the front row, and no seats were available.

Oklahoma City sold out every game during the regular season and playoffs this year. Mahoney says: "We'd love to have him, but like anyone else, he needs a ticket."

Makes sense to us. But apparently not LW, who Tweeted this:

Weezy Tweeting

That's right, denied by the team, as if they were making some kind of statement. What a douche. Also, no way he was rooting for the Spurs last night. None.


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Well i love Wayne but i must say that this is what makes people hate celebs cuz they do dumb shyt!!!!!!! Buy a ticket u got all this money but u cant but a damn ticket lol you can buy chains and rocks and rings and cars but not a ticket a simple little ticket to a damn BasketBall game WOW lol kinda dumb!!!!! He should think about this before he buy another ring or get another tattoo or buy a new car lol GET A TICKET LITTLE MAN!!!!


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Why would he think he could get in free? Just because you have celebrity status doesn't give you the right to think you getting in somewhere free! I'm sure the majority of the fans are hard working people who paid their hard earned money to see the same game you were attempting to watch Lil Wayne! Get real & purchase in advance next time.


this is why eminem is the best rapper in the world. he dosent do shit like this. blah.


droopy pantz lil nigga BUY A TICKET just like other people.. oh wait it was sold out like your azz.....


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