Lil Wayne "Denied Entry" to Oklahoma City Thunder Game Due to "Lack of Ticket"

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Memo to Lil Wayne: You need "tickets" to get into an "event."

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    They should have just let him in, I GUARENTEE Someone would have stood up and gave him their seat !!! LOL But good Slap in the Face :):):)




    Haha you dumb POS!! People do not need to be subjected to your stupidity and ignorance! You and those who are like you are what give others a bad name....


    OMG I WAS DENIED BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE A TICKET!!!!! -lil wayne Hello! Welcome to the real world, where you have to PAY for a basketball game. I hate stars who show up at a party, sport event, etc. and expect immediate access to it.


    If you showed some respect for the flag, maybe people would like you and make exceptions for you, but stomping on the flag just showed your complete ignorance and lack of respect. You need some schooling in respect if you want people to respect you. Personally I don't give a damn about you or care who the hell you are, You are just another ignorant asshole in my book ! If you don't like America, get the hell out we don't need you here anyway you disrespectful piece of crap !!!!!


    He needs to think about crap a "Lil" more,because 1.Shows no Discipline once so ever 2.Definitely shows he IS SPOILED 3.Shows he doesn't work and just makes a Auto-Tuned piece of crap record.So next time,think of people that actually worked for shit,not just got some Bitch to make a crappy video with lil wayne in it acting like he has a glock in pocket everywhere he goes.BULLSHIT,you don't even have a real Bitch to Fuck,yet soldier boy putting his Dick in the muffler on his 24 inch piece of shit 1982 datson.There's another reason they probaly did not let you in,DUH.......They think you're fucking armed bitch.Quit acting like a gangsta unless you really have killed someone. GET A LIFE.


    I dont think no one knows the full story here. But I will make a generalisation, that celebrities have a air of expectation.

    This has nothing to do with color, rap, tattoos, gold, cars, etc. So I won't feel the need to discuss these matters.

    BTW who cares? I would say, however, on a publicity marketing perspective, maybe his presence could have been used. Then everyone would be happy.


    man lil wayne used to be one of my fav rappers but these days he has bin acting like a spoiled little rich kid/aka bitch/ and his skills have gone down


    oh crap try vasaline with perfume in it .at least youll smell good when you vote.


    Buy a ticket and get a clue,
    You little, ugly man.

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