Lauryn Hill Pleads Guilty, Faces Years in Prison For Failure to Pay Taxes

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Singer Lauryn Hill just pleaded guilty to a federal crime, admitting she did not file several years' worth of tax returns in the past decade, and failed to do so on purpose no less.

The 37-year-old faces up to three years in prison as a result. Hill failed to pay up in 2005, 2006, and 2007, when she earned more than $1.8 million.

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When the judge asked if Hill "intentionally and willingly" failed to file the returns, she said simply, "Yes." The Fugees frontwoman was released on $150,000 bail.

In addition to the three years behind bars, Hill could be hit with $75,000 in fines. Wonder if she can write that off to help reduce her tax liability for 2012.

Hill welcomed her sixth child in 2011; her first five were with her longtime partner Rohan Marley. Her sentencing hearing is set for November.



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You're all idiots. There is no legislation in place requiring the filing of tax returns. Go and try to look it up.


WHAT! was this woman thinking and then to just admitt she failed to pay them on purpose We are starving and living in a very poor economy out here while she is sipping champainge and cavair swimming in her pool with the 6 kids she CAN feed i'm soory lock that bitch up and make her relize what Taxes do for the people and the nation she oviosley needs a history lesson.


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What was she thinking?? I believe she had a serious break from reality, but nothing like possibility of prison to straighten things out.


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Not the smartest thing Lauryn Hill has ever done!


Lauryn Hill should have known better. Just because she famous and don't have to pay taxes, regular people who work, pay taxes by filing taxes. She should go to jail. For all famous people: My advice is to pay your taxes like regular people.

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