Kris Humphries Under Oath: Only Friends with Myla Sinanaj!

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Kris Humphries was deposed by Kim Kardashian's legal team yesterday, as the divorce case between this former couple hopefully nears an end.

Under oath, the power forward reportedly swore that he never actually dated Myla Sinanaj, a NYC hotel employee who has suddenly become a key player because Kardashian believes Kris' relationship with her shoots down his case of supposed heartbreak.

TMZ insiders say Kris told lawyers that he and Myla were only friends and he never revealed anything specific about Kim to her.

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Other sources contradict this claim, however, with one alleging that Humphries opened up to Sinanaj about Kanye West and his suspicions that the rapper was getting it on with Kardashian.

Humphries is basing his case for more money from Kim on the accusation that she defrauded him into marriage and never had any intention of making the union work. But he offered no evidence for this assertion during his deposition, witnesses tell TMZ.

Up next, or in the near future, Sinanaj will answer questions, while Reggie Bush may even be dragged into this ridiculous mess.


they're both idiots. kris for getting involved w/ an ugly trashy whore like her (he should have known she wasn't exactly nobel-peace prize stuff) and her for all the $$ she would gain from publicity, endorsements, etc. i hope for his sake he takes her to the cleaners. they don't get any faker than the weirdo plastic kardashians... give american-armenians a bad name (she's only half i know) - bleech. they make me want to vomit.


Myla has wasted her life here. Her job is Front Desk. Not getting on her knees for fame. What a Trashy person & Hotel.


I'll be so glad when we don't have to hear about this divorce/wedding. Kim has milked this cow DRY!

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