Kris Humphries to Myla Sinanaj: Hush!

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Kris Humphries may be dating a woman who looks like Kim Kardashian, but he's doing all he can to avoid the mistakes of his past marriage.

In other words: Humphries wants Myla Sinanaj to shut the heck up. Especially when it comes to talking about the couple's relationship.

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TMZ sources say the basketball player's lawyer has reached out to Myla - a hotel employee who started meeting all of Kris' needs back in January, if you know what we mean! - and is attempting to get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

How come?

Because Humphries still wants millions from Kim Kardashian, alleging she defrauded him into believing their marriage was real... and it could be difficult to argue the man is suffering from a broken heart when he's breaking himself off a piece of Sinanaj two months after splitting from his wife.



The Gypsy kartrashians pay TMZ to spread their lies.


Kris never loved Kim. He betrayed, us, the public by using us for sympathy and support in order to be vindictive to Kim. And, imagine, he is a so-called religious guy. True religious people are not vindictive. I gave him my support now I am upset I feel like he is a phoney and a liar and I was used.


This has GOT to be the divorce with no end! What are they waiting for? The K-family's reality TV scriptwriters to design a whole season around this marital termination??


Tmz sources... Do you mean the kartrashians! They probably want some gossip for the upcoming trial. Kris and his lawyer do not speak to anyone especially the tabloids or tmz. It is all gossip I guess you need gossip to exist and you will print anything. Mb


SORRY TO SAY! this boy don't got any BRAINS! in the head of his and I'm not talking his "little head"...ops! maybe he's talking thru it!!!! BOY! FOCUS on the fight with the SUPER-TRAMP!!!!! Your ex-wife; the first HUSSY-TRAMP your little head picked out the first time! ~ learn boy! Learn your lessons... Oh! Yeah! too late.


Kassie, you're just mad bcuz these websites r showing just how much of a liar shithead is. He has been trying for monthhs to accuse Kim of cheating on him bcuz of the timing of her and Kanye started seeiing each other. Now it turns out he was seeing someone way sooner than they we're. Did he meet this girl at the Gannsevoort? What else is he lieing about? He is showing all of hiis followers just how much of a saint he isn't. There is so many double standards with him it is pathetic.


"TMZ sources" you've got to be fucking kidding me who still believes anything from tmz if you want people to keep reading ur site stop quoting tmz Everyone is mad coz Kris Moved on Waaaaaayy before Kim when they all thought he was Pathetic and Heart broken_i give him props for keeping his Relationship private if its even true that they seeing each other


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