Kris Humphries Accuses Myla Sinanaj of Running NYC Brothel

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Dear Kris Humphries: Please stop it. You're starting to make Kim Kardashian look good.

In the latest bizarre twist to the relationship between this NBA power forward and Myla Sinanaj, Humphries has allegedly accused his ex-girlfriend of running a personal brothel out of the New York City hotel where they met.


K. Humphries

Joe Tacopina - Sinanaj's attorney - tells TMZ that Humphries and his legal team are determined to hide the fact that Kris and Myla dated for five months because it would damage their divorce case against Kardashian, as they attempt to milk her for as much money as possible and it would look bad if a supposedly heartbroken Humphries moved on as early as January.

Therefore, in an attempt to destroy Sinanaj's credibility, a lawyer for Humphries actually phoned the hotel at which Myla works and tried to get her fired… but alleging she was sleeping with guests there for money!

Management reportedly looked into this claim and quickly dismissed it.

Now, Tacopina says he's close to filing a defamation suit against Humphries and the baller better apologize ASAP, recanting all slanderous accusations against his client... or else.

But the odds of this happening are apparently as strong as the odds of Kim Kardashian winning an Academy Awards.

"He will not be apologizing," says a source.


Personally, who cares if she is running a brothel. It's the oldest profession in the world, and should be legal and medically supervised.


Dont worry your better of without her.your to cute kris stay singel.


Joe Tacopina - Sinanaj's attorney is a real piece of work..he represented proven killer von der sleet in his arubian case against the poor alabama girl who he probably killed too..tacopina likes representing scum like vandetrsloot and sinanaj


I agree with sara. It is so stupid. Someone is creating the whole thing for whatever reason.... maybe to discredit Kris. It is so childish. Leave it the the FBI. MB


It had to have been Kris who called and pretended to b his lawyer. For a lawyer to do something like that would b so unprofessional. A lawyer doing his job would turn aa case over to the FBI. I can see shithead doing something like this bcuz since Myla wouldn't sign the comfidentiality agreement he is doing everything he can to show her that he has power and control. But for someone to go to that extreme shows just how mucn of a dangerous person he can b. He is only using KK for money and publicity. He is a user and hypocrite. And he is the one whho is trying to extort money.


That's a new low for humpphriwwa. Does he think his actions wont eventually catch up with him?


Are Myla and Kris still in high school??? He says, she says seriously knock it off!!!
Personally I don't think it was Kris who did it and this Myla chick better learn how the tabloids do it...THEY MAKE UP SHIT_until Kris and his lawyers say something I'm not believing shit


he probably just needs to start away from fame hookers


AMEN RICHARD!!!! So over all of it!


Both Kris and Kim need to GROW UP....EVERYBODY is sick of this CRAP....JEEZ...

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