Kris Humphries Accuses Myla Sinanaj of Running NYC Brothel

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Dear Kris Humphries: Please stop it. You're starting to make Kim Kardashian look good.

In the latest bizarre twist to the relationship between this NBA power forward and Myla Sinanaj, Humphries has allegedly accused his ex-girlfriend of running a personal brothel out of the New York City hotel where they met.


K. Humphries

Joe Tacopina - Sinanaj's attorney - tells TMZ that Humphries and his legal team are determined to hide the fact that Kris and Myla dated for five months because it would damage their divorce case against Kardashian, as they attempt to milk her for as much money as possible and it would look bad if a supposedly heartbroken Humphries moved on as early as January.

Therefore, in an attempt to destroy Sinanaj's credibility, a lawyer for Humphries actually phoned the hotel at which Myla works and tried to get her fired… but alleging she was sleeping with guests there for money!

Management reportedly looked into this claim and quickly dismissed it.

Now, Tacopina says he's close to filing a defamation suit against Humphries and the baller better apologize ASAP, recanting all slanderous accusations against his client... or else.

But the odds of this happening are apparently as strong as the odds of Kim Kardashian winning an Academy Awards.

"He will not be apologizing," says a source.


I dont know what kim ever saw in kris. He looks and acts like a big overgrown baby and a ugly one at that. He is so is way to good for him


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You cannot blame kris. Myla knew he was still married why did she get in to a relationship with kris. You deserve that insult. He used you and then you are now a whore. A piece of shit and trash. Sorry.


Myla should go to go and get a college degree like the other young women and stop running after Nba players for fame. She has nothing to show. NOT well educated ,no money , nothing she owns. You donot let a man use you and call you a whore meaning you are very useless. No respect. Go back to school and get a college degree and get your ass a good job like the other young women are doing. You reap off what ever you sow.


Fatmire wanted to be used by Kris. She knew that he was still married and she consented to go along and be his secret whore. He told her the conditions upfront and she agreed, so how on earth later she could demand commitment. If she was mature enough she would understand that Kris would not be in frame of mind for committed relationship, but sex is always welcome. He got her that easy, no way he would respect her.


I hate Kris too. He calls her boss and. Accusses her of running a brothal. Now Myla is labeled as someone who is running a brothal. Its pretty shitty that shithead has. That much control over ppl. He is such a low life piece of crap. He needs to go away and let these women have their lives back.


i hate kris he is a fucken smoocher green ass kim saw rite through his bitch ass and i dont blame her how u soft and disrespect women he probally wants a man every man in america wants kim even beyonce husband jayz i guarantee u he would love kim more than fake ass b at least kim keeps it real and actually gives back kris go 6feet under please!!!!!


Kris your so cute always admired your smile,God will getchu a nice girl to wife again,dnt bother about anything,move on life goes on.


I work there at Tribeca Grand. She preys on Sports guys. Going to their rooms overnight when she should be working as a Front Desk Manager. Sad. Superbowl Sunday she Insisted on Bringing Food to a Room full of Men. Players. Shes Not even Room service ! What a Slut


If this Myla Sinanaj chick wants to run a brothel, she ought to move to Nevada...where prostitution is LEGAL!!!!! LOL!!!!!

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