Kraft Foods Honors LGBT Pride Month, Raises Ire with Rainbow Oreo

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We're guessing Chuck Norris won't be eating any Oreos any time soon...

Kraft Foods took a bold step this week by posting a LGBT-themed rainbow Oreo on Facebook in honor of Pride Month, a decision that - as you might expect - has been met with a wide variety of opinions online.

Rainbow Oreo

"this is absolutely disgusting!!! Vote with your dollar, I will NEVER buy anything Kraft Foods again," wrote one Twitter user, while another defended the move with:

"Thank you Oreo for the support of those who only wish to love and be allowed to love whoever they choose! You have a forever customer with me!! I want this Oreo on a shirt!!"

Explained Basil T. Maglaris, associate director of corporate affairs for Kraft:

"Kraft Foods has a proud history of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. We feel the OREO ad is a fun reflection of our values. There has been a lot of buzz about the image, and it shows how relevant OREO is to people even after 100 years."

The most troubling aspect of this photo, in our view, is that the creme colors pictured above do not actually exist. Which is too bad. They look yummy.

Where do you stand on the rainbow Oreo?


To Gary, I appreciate your comment. I will also no longer be purchasing Kraft or Oreo. If these Companies had any idea how stupid it is for them to take a political stance like this., they would keep their traps shut.


Dear Duh,
I love you. You made my day.
Sincerely, Claire


Dear Gary,
No one gives a fuck what you think. I'm sure Kraft will be just fine without your daily Velveeta purchase.


You are a food mfg. I would suggest you remain neutral on political issues and thus keep a diverse customer base. I have been an OREO fanatic for my 71 years plus use many other Kraft products. Since you have taken a stand in support of the GLB folks I sadly will no longer buy ANY Kraft products nor will any member of my family. Had you remained neutral I would have continued to be a loyal customer.
Since you are so concerned with their cause, how about an OREO with a Christian cross in the center. There are more of us than there are of them.


I just wished they'd put an Oreo like that out to buy. Yum.


Good for them! The ones who have a prob with it are closed minded homophobes! Who is it hurting and why do they care?


I'd like to see that Twitter user make it through a week without buying a Kraft product. Good Luck :P