Kim Kardashian Sex Tape to Play Role in Kris Humphries Divorce Case?

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What Kris Humphries told ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj about the Ray J/Kim Kardashian sex tape might actually play a role in this former couple's divorce settlement.

How so? You see...

According to TMZ insiders, Humphries told Sinanaj during their time together that Kris Jenner played a major role in arranging her daughter's videotaped banging of Ray J.

Kris allegedly told Myla that Jenner set the tape up and even asked Kim to film it twice because she wasn't satisfied with the original.

This is a lie, the Kardashians claim, and it's one of many that Humphries shared with Sinanaj. The family's attorney has subpoenaed Sinanaj because Humphries reportedly also told his girlfriend at the time that he was anxious to divorce Kim; that Myla was his true love; and that he had "moved on" from the reality star.

If these comments were actually made, they would be damaging to Humphries assertion - which he is taking to court in the hopes of squeezing extra money out of Kardashian - that he was left heartbroken by a fraudulent marriage.


omg omg omg my absolute fave part of Kims sex tape was when Ray J was giving it to kim anal Kim looked like she was in soooo much pain but she never told Ray J to stop she loved it crammed up her fake plastic a$$ she was like ooh baby oooh baby Kim is such a s1ut which makes her the perfect porn star.... On a sepertate note its completely obvious that Kim leaked her sex tape on purpose how else was she going to make a name for herself she has proven time & time again nothing is off limits when it comes to her milking 5 mins of fame dirty hoe!


what do you expect from a "HO" Kim absolutely makes me sick to my stomach. what is she famous for???? In her sex tape she kept repeating "i'm coming" why doesnt she go away already. i hope kris takes her for a lot of money as she deceived him to get the attention she craves. Go Kris Go!!!!


It is so sad to see what some women will do for attention.


I just liked the part where he was eating her pussy shaved of course. She was really into it and as I have said
Before once you go black it's not worth going back


Who cares! People get divorce everyday


the kardasians cant have it both ways..on one hand telling mya he wants a divorce is truthful..but him telling mya that kris jenner set up porno is a lie...this testimony will be more damaging to the kardasians..just settle and let bygones be bygones


While I do believe Kris Jenner is a big pimp mama, I don't think she had anything to do with the sex tape. Moving on people....


MILLIONS of people get married and get divorced every day. WHY is their CRAP news? They are both money hungry self centered jackasses. GET THEM BOTH OFF THE NEWS!!!!


OMG. He said, she said...just leave it to the court. Soon enough we will know more. MB


I hope it's not true what is said about kris jenner!!!!

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