Kelly Clarkson Reveals 30-Pound Weight Loss, New Figure

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Much is being made about Kelly Clarkson‘s newer, thinner figure.

Now the singer herself is opening about it in the new Us Weekly.

Kelly dropped an impressive 30 pounds by working out five days per week and adopting a portion-controlled diet ... funny how that seems to work.

Check out her new body, and take that, Quicktrim.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

Clarkson dropped the excess weight over the course of the past six months, with a source saying she “feels better about herself than she ever has.”

The singer, who remains 10 pounds shy of her goal weight, says that her boyfriend Brandon Blackstock helped inspire her to get back into shape.

“Brandon is the first guy ever who tells her how beautiful and sexy she is. She wants to look good for him,” a source told the celeb news publication.

Whatever her motivation, she looks outstanding.


No matter how her fans said, she should loss weight for her health. Obesity is not a good thing.


Kelly is beautiful inside and out. She is so genuine and will tell you straight out so there is no doubt what her feelings are, but she does it with a filter. She isn't mean about it. It does make a huge difference when you are with someone who builds you up vs. tearing you down. It is amazing how your confidence will grow with such support. The only thing that concerns me is that she said she wants to look good for him. She needs to want to look good for herself first and then him. If it's not for her, she will more than likely gain it back.


She will be always so pretty, dosn't matter if she is fat or not. She is my favorite , i love her songs and i love her!


I think Kelly looks amazing but she always was beautiful way to go kelly


Sitterpat, you're right! YOU are unkind, and a moron to boot. Whether she lost weight or not, Kelly is a beautiful, talented young woman. Hate to brake it to you, but jealousy dosen't get you anywhere in life. Kelly, keep rockin' it girl!




I think she's beautiful and she looks even better now after losing the weight. Being happy is good for you too. She's got it going on. Congrats to her.


Is that Reba McEntire's son she's dating? She looks incredible...


@sitterpat Yeah, and I'm sure you're gorgeous and stick thin and have perfect boobs..NOT. Must be nice to be an internet critic.


She is too pretty and beauty comes from the inside. Kelly is straight and I wish her and her boyfriend the best. Not everyone has to have a boob job even though you can afford it.

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