Kate Middleton's Wardrobe Costs How Much?

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Kate Middleton may be a fan of recycling her style and shopping in regular clothing stores, but she also wears her share of high-end designer dresses.

Paid for by Prince Charles, at an estimated £35,000 this year alone!

According to the Mail Online (UK), Prince William's has agreed to pay for the Duchess of Cambridge's full "work-related" wardrobe, defined as anything she wears to official engagements or while out and about with the Royal Family.

Kate Middleton Wardrobe

Kate's father-in-law has offered to take the cost of the Duchess' designer dresses out of his official household budget ... which is probably not small.

Despite that, Kate goes to great lengths to keep her clothing budget down, recycling dresses where she can, and shopping on her own in London.

She also returns all free samples sent for her, insists on paying full price for her non-work-related apparel, and still chooses her clothes herself.

"Catherine has an innate sense of style and, almost as importantly, knows what is appropriate for the occasion," one insider told the paper.

"She might not always choose the most cutting edge designers, but that's to her credit; she know what looks good on her and that’s what counts."

"Plus she is acutely conscious that she is not yet a full-time royal and feels it is pretty pointless, as well as extravagant, to have her own dresser."

Well said, and good to hear. Nice to hear that she's the anti-diva. The same salon she's frequented for years still does Kate Middleton's hair!

For more of her great looks, from official royal events to before she was even famous, check out our gallery of Kate Middleton pictures!


Just ugly


Who cares how much her wardrobe costs...she represents a country and a she does a good job. She comes across as a very grounded person with a great sense of direction. If I were in her position my wardrobe expense would include a couple more 0's at the end. OMG the meer thought of that spending freedom makes me excited. I think that Kate is beautiful from the inside out the way she carries her self is amazing. very classy lets be honest.


Shes not pretty so so overrated.kinda ugly lookin


So the more uglier it is the more expensive?


Think the.new addition to Royal Family is like she was always a part,wish some of our distinct officials could.take a lesson,she was very well brought up,as a Princes must say,love Kate all class!!

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