Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photo: Allegedly Revealed!

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Forget Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebration.

The British royal family has an even bigger reason to start popping the champagne this month ... at least according to the venerable In Touch Weekly.

The celebrity gossip magazine "exclusively" reveals a photo of Kate Middleton in a rare, unguarded moment - with what looks like a cute baby bump!

Is Prince William's beautiful bride pregnant at last?

Kate Middleton Baby Bump?

“We thought at first it might be just the way her dress fell as she walked,” says a witness who saw Kate hurrying into a local jeweler in London May 31.

“But if you looked closely," the Middleton sleuth continues, "it was a definite baby bump. It was prominent enough to cast a shadow below.”

That thing cast a shadow? Really?

Kate’s appearance may hold even more clues, says the witness: “She certainly has a glow in her cheeks ... her face is more rounded - and so is her bottom.”

Like many pregnant women concerned with chemicals in hair dye, Kate Middleton is also letting her gray roots show - a major departure for the style icon.

All of this is true, though it's equally possible that the notoriously thin Kate has merely put on a few pounds and hasn't been to the hair salon in awhile.

The Palace has remained silent on the subject, but Prince William did tell Katie Couric recently that he is “very keen to have a family,” and soon.

Aww. Congratulations, you two ... maybe.

UPDATE, 2/3/13: Now that Kate actually is pregnant, for real, the bump watch is underway in earnest! Check out the first Kate Middleton baby bump pic!


if at all wat you are saying is the truth,then congratulations to Katie and her husband!!!!!!thats not too bad.


Idiots. A big lunch could do it or leaning forward as she is doing and the way the dress falls. Leave her alone. Nobody cares until a baby is born. Until then cruel journalists leave her alone!


In that photo it looks like an early baby, but all other recent photos show her super skinny as usual. Maybe she just ate a big lunch.


Gemma - I'm assuming you're NOT an American, DO NOT put down the USA, "typical Americans." You are so ignorant, more than half of America is now populated by people who immigrated from other countries, so you might as well say typical Europeans or typical South Americans, seriously get some education you classless nit. Furthermore, "Americans" do not give a damn about your commoner Duchess. The only royal worth watching now is HSH PRincess Charlene of Monaco. Kate is plan and boring, who cares if she's pregnant.


Really.u call dat tin a baby bump.i mean her tummy is as flat as a tabletop during d queen's celebration...


She's what? 29? 30? What gray roots? And that isn't a baby bump. Sheesh!


Leave her alone please typical Americans and lack of understanding of the British Monarchy if HRH The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant the Palace will announce it when the time is right, they (TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) are a young couple wanting as much time in peace before having to give the rest of their lives to the Commonwealth


She is a lovely woman. I just think the media is trying to be cruel. She is quiet skinny and i think that it is the pattern of the dress that is making her body look like that, which is quiet normal(hey because shes a woman) I admire her and wish we had more woman like her in society. Anyway if she is pregnant-congratulations to her.


Is this magazine kidding or what? Anyone who saw the photos of her in other attire (skinny as usual) knows there is no "baby bump." Why is this so important anyway? She is just a woman who like any other, will get pregnant whenever she gets pregnant. People (and most certainly the vampire media) don't seem to have enough to do in their own lives because they are on this dreary subject morning, noon and night. What possible difference does it make to anyone (sans Catherine's husband and immediate family) whether she is pregnant or not?! It isn't making any in mine one way or the other. Sheesh, you'd think this woman was the first and only to ever be pregnant. Or in this case, I don't think she is! It's more hype and nonsense.


I think if she was really pregnant, there is no way in the world this would be kept secret. The Queen herself would be shouting with happiness. Course if she is, they could want to wait till the Jubliee is over so as not to upstage the Queen's special day. But her pregnancy would definately be top news.

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