Karrueche Tran vs. Rihanna: Who Would You ...

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Ever since Chris Brown violently beat up and subsequently broke up with Rihanna ... he's been romantically linked to Rihanna. It's an unusual situation.

Although he's been dating Karrueche Tran for some time, Chris can't avoid the Rihanna rumors, especially after their two recent collaborations.

This month's Chris Brown-Drake fight was allegedly over her, some reports say ... but is there anything really going on between Rih and Chris?

Every rumor of a reunion between them seems to be followed immediately by a Twitpic of Karrueche and Chris, so we'd say no. But it got us thinking ...

Who'd you rather date? Vote in our survey below!

And the Winner is?

Karrueche Tran or Rihanna: Who'd you rather ... date? Vote in this poll to decide which Chris Brown squeeze is the hotter ticket! View Poll ยป


UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY is Karrueche is too UGLY !!! RiRi is Prettier!!! karrueche is LOok Like A Monkey,Monster !!!


I honestly think some people pick Rihanna because she is more popular but I LOVE Kae better becaue her and Chris have that Bonnie and Clyde look. She has a very unique face and she stands out


Ofc Rihanna is prettier! Karrueche is really unattractive and ugly :( gross if i was chris brown I wouldn't date her :S Rihanna is so amazing and has mysterious beauty but the blame do not go for Karrueche and Rihanna its for chris brown he's playing them frist of all dated Rihanna and beated her and cause her arm problem and scars secondly he dated trashy singers and after he dated Karrueche and cheated on Karrueche on her him and nicole Schzingger and rihanna is so hurt she tooked chris brown and after what?He would suicide.

Roxy noboa
@ Bby387

Karrueche is not unattractive and ugly. She is not beautiful either. She just knows how to wear make up and clothing that makes her look stunning. I don't like them as a couple. She looks too short next to Chris Brown. He makes a better couple next to Rihanna. They really looked like a couple when they were together.


Honestly am for Kar.Riri has this crazy side and is not kinda natural making her n breezy vry childish.Kar is down to earth an deserves to b treated right.If u ever happen to ever read this Kar,...u are super cool and beautiful n u deserve the BESTEST!


I think y'all should shut the fuck up about Rihanna she's a fucking super star she don't suppose to look the same she's a gotdamn rockstar she's open and sexual there's nothing wrong with that and for the people who consider that to be trashy probably lonley or dissatisfied in their relationships so stop hating and go feel good about your self don't hate her for being an individual *HATERS*


I'd definately choose Kae she's cute & her & Chris make a cute couple Rihanna is a bitch


Rihanna and Chris should be together they was always post to be together karrueche I really don't like the much and she need to go somewhere. And back with Rihanna she is way way prettier and you know have to have to say Rihanna and Chris are so adorable and Kae just doesn't look good with him.


i prefers rihanna for chris Brown


haha , i really dont get it ... yall say kaerrchue slimmey well think of wtf rihanna did , she hooked up with drake tf did kaerrchue do wins chrisbrown heart if it wasnt for rihanna drake and chris wouldnt be fighting , im sorry bt thats how i feel


Roby n brown you jst make a cute couple

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Karrueche Tran Biography

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Karrueche Tran is a model and the girlfriend of Chris Brown. She is said to be feuding with Rihanna a lot, but that's just celebrity... More »
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