Karen Klein to School Bus Bully Kids: Apology NOT Accepted!

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Karen Klein, the now famous school bus bullying victim, says she does NOT accept the apologies offered by two of the Greece, N.Y., kids whose taunts drove her to tears.

Klein, 68, has said she will not press charges or pursue any action against the terrible teenagers, claiming she feels sorry for them and their parents.

Accepting yesterday's apologies from the bullies, however? Not happening.

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Asked if she forgives the children who harassed her in light of the statements issued on Friday, she says, "Not really," and simply adds "I think they can do better."

Two of the devil children wrote the bus monitor letters after the video went viral this week and their 10-minute verbal torture session of the woman was exposed.

Klein also got a letter from the parents of a boy who participated. She and her daughter say they're not ready to forgive, though, given what she went through.

Klein also has a few suggestions about how the kids should be punished, including bans from both riding the bus and sports at school for a year or more.

Considering what she endured, that could be considered lenient.

Watch the video that started it all after the jump ...

The kids, whose names we are not posting here, have reportedly been the targets of death threats and harassment themselves since this broke.

Regarding the HUGE donations she's received from sympathetic Internet users, Karen Klein is nearly speechless - a windfall of $550,000 will do that.

She plans to donate much of it right back into charities supporting both Down Syndrome and autism. There's your silver lining to the above awfulness.


What these kids need are tough consequences.They need to learn respect for others and that no one has the right to humiliate another. Yes these are kids but the only way they will learn to be better humans is if they have to pay for what they did. Loss of extra curricular privileges would definitely get their attention.Also not being allowed to ride the bus seems to make sense. Hopefully they've felt some public humiliation since this has happened.


Wendy - check that you don't have a thrush (yeast) infection in your stomach. That's what made me throw up as described


Karen, I drive a school bus, I also have a helper on my bus...I know of other helpers who have been harassed by the kids. They might get a few days off the bus, but it doesn't change the way they are raised or how they act. I am so glad that this video has hit the news, I hope it helps others who get bullied from the students. I also hope you can get past this. Eileen


Let's start with it does not matter if it's someone's mother, grandmother, sister,etc they should not treat anyone that way regardless of race, social standing, education or background! We all bleed red, put our pants on one leg at a time! These kids are only apologizing because people are now harassing them they way they tortured this poor woman and they do not like it. Where is the no bully laws that we hear so much about on the news??? They should have to participate in a community service program or probation program. It is such a shame that these children saw nothing wrong with the way they were treating this woman.


sometimes white kids are the worst, it wasn't as if she asked for the money and I hope she has fun spending all that money. she doesn't need to accept any apology from any of those little ass wipes. I didn't see where this was funny at all, I hope she never has to see those kids again.


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She did forgive them i jus seen on news.She was hugin one boy and his father.they were white.


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