Karen Klein to School Bus Bully Kids: Apology NOT Accepted!

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Karen Klein, the now famous school bus bullying victim, says she does NOT accept the apologies offered by two of the Greece, N.Y., kids whose taunts drove her to tears.

Klein, 68, has said she will not press charges or pursue any action against the terrible teenagers, claiming she feels sorry for them and their parents.

Accepting yesterday's apologies from the bullies, however? Not happening.

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Asked if she forgives the children who harassed her in light of the statements issued on Friday, she says, "Not really," and simply adds "I think they can do better."

Two of the devil children wrote the bus monitor letters after the video went viral this week and their 10-minute verbal torture session of the woman was exposed.

Klein also got a letter from the parents of a boy who participated. She and her daughter say they're not ready to forgive, though, given what she went through.

Klein also has a few suggestions about how the kids should be punished, including bans from both riding the bus and sports at school for a year or more.

Considering what she endured, that could be considered lenient.

Watch the video that started it all after the jump ...

The kids, whose names we are not posting here, have reportedly been the targets of death threats and harassment themselves since this broke.

Regarding the HUGE donations she's received from sympathetic Internet users, Karen Klein is nearly speechless - a windfall of $550,000 will do that.

She plans to donate much of it right back into charities supporting both Down Syndrome and autism. There's your silver lining to the above awfulness.


Aboustley disgusting, I am saddened for karen. :( I am sorry you had to go threw that. Theses kids should be suspended permanently. They act like 5 year olds , They need to learn RESPECT.


I am saddened by what has happened. As a teacher I feel very embarrased that students would be so dis-respectful. Even thogh some offered appologies, there still needs to be a consequence for such actions. Since they were on a school bus, the school has the first responsibilty to take action. I don't think death threats or violence is the solution. Althogh, Ms. Klein did not press charges there should be some sort of civil action taken. www.littleroomlearning.com


Why is it taking so long for the school to hand down punishment? All the facts, including the infamous videok, are out in the open. The school officals seem completely cowardice. Take some initiative you robots! A decision should have been reached a week ago. Or more.


She couldnt have said it any clearer; I am crying all over. This was heart-wrenching... these kids exist every where. Shame on you!! Parents- get a clue! Punishment.... community service and Im thinking 'Locked Up' needs to role reversal here and give these egotistical bullies a taste of their own medicine. Great to know there are still individuals in our society with a heart and a conscience.


I'm sure she could raise even more awareness with some of that money she won. Hopefully she won't blow it all at The Palazzo.


I'm glad this is bringing awareness to bullying. I was the target of bullying by a group of kids and it was absolute hell. No one should have to endure it and it's sick that the schools see it going on and do nothing. I am glad that Ms. Klein got all that money and I hope the kids are learning what it's like themselves to become the targets of harassment. Karma's a bitch.


@ Tim what relevance do your sleezy horn dog comments have to do with the topic at hand? You sound like either a Charlie Sheen type who wouldn't have the sense to dodge std-infested hookers...or possibly a lying, cheating hubby who would say anything to get the poon he misses between the marital sheets--without an ounce of remorse. Either way...rather sad, eh?


Te parents of these kids should be so embarrassed, what terrible monsters they raised. What the parents must be like... sounds like they are shallow and stuck up for their kids to think its okay to talk to someone that way.


Karen Huff Klein Bullied Bus Monitor Full Video here http://get.cc/c7y


Those apologies are half hearted apologies. They only apologized because they are getting death threats. I am glad she doesn't accept their apologies. I hope she gets all that money and retires. She shouldn't be treated that way. How come the bus driver didn't put a stop to it?

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