Karen Klein, School Bus Monitor, Harassed By Mean Kids; Internet Responds With Paid Vacation

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This video encapsulates the best and worst of human behavior.

Yesterday, the world got to see a group of idiot 12-15 year-old kids verbally abusing a 69-year-old bus monitor in Greece, N.Y. named Karen Klein.

Like, really badly. To the point that she cried.

The worst comment one kid made? "You are so ugly, your kids should kill themselves." Klein's son apparently did take his own life 10 years ago.

Depressing as it gets. But now, the redeeming part.

According to Mashable, irate users on Reddit, 4chan, YouTube and elsewhere decided to support Klein ... and not by offering bullying services to give the kids a taste of their own medicine (although we'll get to that in a moment).

Not even 24 hours later, more than $9,000 has been raised online to send the harassed Karen on the vacation of a lifetime! How great is that?

Enjoy it, Karen ... and get ready to reap what you sowed, kids.

There's already a Facebook group dedicated to opposing them, and local police are considering stationing officers outside their homes for fear of retribution.

UPDATE, 6/22: Klein has received a staggering $440,000 in donations - not a typo - and more importantly, an apology from two of the bullies.

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And now the little angels need police protection I say public flogging and to the stocks with the entire group.Boys and girls these kids need to learn a harsh lesson and you know the parents won't do it


If she can't control the bullies she should not be someone who is supposed to be in charge. Shwe should have called the polce, qwaited unti the police she should have thrown the bullies off the bus. IOf she couldn't control the 'kids' she should not have been a bus monitor. Here's what I would have done:
1. Stopped the bus
2. Called the police
3. Made the bullies get off the bus to the waiting police.
She should make a BIG money from this, sueing the school district and sueing the parents.


I hate those kids. BUT everyone knows what karma does. :) Don't worry - those kids will pay eventually. I hope their parents know what horrible people they have raised (or not raised rather).


There are no words in the world that adequately describe these kids actions. But remember they too MIGHT get old if they LIVE long enough. I can only hope they do so they can live with this till the day they DIE. The Bible says forgive I will have to work very hard to forgive these trashy kids. My son is no angel but if he was on that bus I have no doubt they would have taken the trash out on a streacher.


Watching that video makes ME want to cry. That's so awful. I hope those boys see this video when they are older and are ashamed.


When my boys were riding school buses ( many years ago) , kids were put off the bus for bad behavior.
Oh for the good ole' days.
Kids can do anything they want and get away with it.


Karen~ I, too, am an elder (67 years old and holding). Please know, you are being honored today. Thank you~


This poor lady is a grandma. Aren't grandparents supposed to carry handbags and smack the crap out of little shits who talk like this? If I were the lady, I would have found the smallest of the little shits and used him to beat all the other little shits. Of course, then I would probably be sued by some money-hungry parents who want "justice" for the harm I did to their little satanic cherubs. My heart goes out to this woman. Enjoy your vacation.


I was bullied in grade school and high school ( Holy Rosary School in Gary Ind. and Bishop Noll HS In Hammond,Ind.)I wore coke bottle glasses,I was made fun of everyday on the school ,even had my glasses taken off my face and thrown on the floor of the bus.I was slapped, shoved etc. I often wonder what became of these kids and are their children repeating history. My heart goes out to Karen Klein.


This is what happens when weak kneed liberal do gooders take parenting away from the parents. This is disgusting. First of all you shouldn't even need a bus monitor. These kids should behave without having someone sit with them. But in the same way you can bet that the parents would sue if someone else diciplined their child and took care of the problem that they obviously failed at. RESPECT is something that is taught to a child. And if my kids talked to an adult that way, it would be a rough day for them. I guess what I'm saying is....time out is not working people!!!!