Karen Klein, School Bus Monitor, Harassed By Mean Kids; Internet Responds With Paid Vacation

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This video encapsulates the best and worst of human behavior.

Yesterday, the world got to see a group of idiot 12-15 year-old kids verbally abusing a 69-year-old bus monitor in Greece, N.Y. named Karen Klein.

Like, really badly. To the point that she cried.

The worst comment one kid made? "You are so ugly, your kids should kill themselves." Klein's son apparently did take his own life 10 years ago.

Depressing as it gets. But now, the redeeming part.

According to Mashable, irate users on Reddit, 4chan, YouTube and elsewhere decided to support Klein ... and not by offering bullying services to give the kids a taste of their own medicine (although we'll get to that in a moment).

Not even 24 hours later, more than $9,000 has been raised online to send the harassed Karen on the vacation of a lifetime! How great is that?

Enjoy it, Karen ... and get ready to reap what you sowed, kids.

There's already a Facebook group dedicated to opposing them, and local police are considering stationing officers outside their homes for fear of retribution.

UPDATE, 6/22: Klein has received a staggering $440,000 in donations - not a typo - and more importantly, an apology from two of the bullies.

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Shame on the police for protecting these monsters, but even the police can't be there 24/7 forever, and these monsters ruined this woman life forever, I can't even understand how she must feel to get on a bus with children ever again. And don't forget monsters are made, the parents are equally responsible and shouldn't be left off the hook, their names and where they work should be posted so that their employers can know the kind of employees they have working for them.


Its apparent that the town of Greece, N.Y needs to be nuked asap. This is a embarrassment to the human race and if I were to see their parents, there would be some issues resolved.


What they should have done was let Karen get off the bus and then have the bus driver drive it straight off a cliff. There is no place in society for those scum-bag middle-school kids and even their parents. I dont care if they are in 8th grade, they don't deserve to live.


shame them


I agree with all of the comments about the kids and their parents. But.....whre was the bus driver when all of this was going on? He/or she could have stopped the bus and thrown them all off...The driver has that power...The driver should be held accountable as well.


UPDATE: Over $100,000.00, yes that's one hundred thousand dollars, has been raised for Karen Klein :-) God Bless everyone who has contributed and now she can not only take a dream vacation and pay off any bills she needs to but she can also now retire if she wants to and be able to enjoy her own grandchildren who I am certain appreciate her; unlike the little bus puke punks who terrorized her !!!


YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON!!!!! But, I gotta say...I didn't think that school bus monitors still existed. As for those snot-nosed bullying children who harassed Karen Klein like that, all of this makes me wonder if those children's parents were bullies (or worse) themselves way back in the day??? Just a thought. Peace.


First of all these kids obviously need to be taught manners & disciplined by their parents. They need to be taught to respect their elders, shame on them for bullying her. I'm sure if they're bullying an adult they most likely bully kids their age or younger and that is unacceptable.


For those saying she wasn't qualified to handle the job, you should be reminded that this is 2012. These little b@st@rds are getting worse all the time, while society keeps drumming up more laws against the kind of treatment they deserve. She cannot, legally, do much to these kids. Yes, she could assertively stop the bus and kick them off. I would imagine this has been going on for some time, and she may just have wanted to get video proof of what she has been dealing with after failed attempts to manage these... kids. That is speculation on my part. But judging the comfort they seem to feel with the vulgarities they are spewing towards her, it would appear as though they fear nothing when it comes to this situation. That says to me that they have been "dealt with" before. Far, far too leniently. They should lose their bus privileges for an extended period of time, if not the whole year. And possibly face juvenile legal action if warranted.


These kids suck! Hope their parents feel good at failing to raise decent human beings and respectful citizens. They probably can't even read or write some of the words they were saying. Such a pity