Karen Klein, School Bus Monitor, Harassed By Mean Kids; Internet Responds With Paid Vacation

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This video encapsulates the best and worst of human behavior.

Yesterday, the world got to see a group of idiot 12-15 year-old kids verbally abusing a 69-year-old bus monitor in Greece, N.Y. named Karen Klein.

Like, really badly. To the point that she cried.

The worst comment one kid made? "You are so ugly, your kids should kill themselves." Klein's son apparently did take his own life 10 years ago.

Depressing as it gets. But now, the redeeming part.

According to Mashable, irate users on Reddit, 4chan, YouTube and elsewhere decided to support Klein ... and not by offering bullying services to give the kids a taste of their own medicine (although we'll get to that in a moment).

Not even 24 hours later, more than $9,000 has been raised online to send the harassed Karen on the vacation of a lifetime! How great is that?

Enjoy it, Karen ... and get ready to reap what you sowed, kids.

There's already a Facebook group dedicated to opposing them, and local police are considering stationing officers outside their homes for fear of retribution.

UPDATE, 6/22: Klein has received a staggering $440,000 in donations - not a typo - and more importantly, an apology from two of the bullies.

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You just know these kids are headed for prison. And I'm betting they have parents who are either afraid of them themselves or just don't care what the kids do and let them run.Even if the parents are crap heads they have to be embarrassed by all this media because they are viewed now as just as bad or even worse than the kids. They probably don't have any money so sueing the parent won't do any good but making them do community service along with their kids for about a year and make that service hard labor or jail might help. And yes why the hell didn't that bus driver called for the police.


These students should be charged with harassment, and their community service should be working in a nursing home where they can learn to respect their elders.


Correction: a position open


@ Nelly Actually the punishment Pat proposes is exactly one of the ideas that is being considered as punishment for these criminals, I mean children. You are correct about one thing however, Pat probably shouldn't be a Teacher, she would be more productive and influential as as member of the school board. By the way the correct spelling is "judgmental". (it seems someone else wasn't the best student either) Perhaps there's an position open in your area for a Walmart Greeter, spelling skills aren't required, just a friendly smile!


@ Nelly My aren't we the hard-hearted soul? What ever happened to respecting the elderly? You seem to want to sugar coat this whole ordeal with the adage "Kids will be Kids". Children are taught how to respectful at home as well as school. Did you actually watch this video? I say that because after the degrading filth that I heard these children use to taunt her I can't understand how cold and callous you are concerning her... which in all honesty should've been directed towards the children instead. You will be elderly one day, I hope you are treated in a manner better than she has.


I live in the area this happened and the amount raised for her is much much higher than the $9000.00 listed here. In fact it's $150,000,to clarify that's One Hundred Fifty thousand dollars raised...so far! In defense of the driver the incident happened in the rear of the bus..far from earshot of the driver. Part of the reason they use monitors is so the driver can concentrate on their job. As far as punishment for the offenders nothing has been determined as of today.


Totally disgusting - a prime example of why parents should be held responsible to some extent for the actions of their minors.
Would this happen so often if parents were held accountable? Or would the parents be doing more to ensure their children are respectful at a minimum even when not under direct supervision.
REgardless of Karens wishes those stupid pathetic losers should be charged as would someone in a DV incident regardless of the victims wishes. SHAME ON THOSE KIDS - SHAME ON THEIR PARENTS!!!!
I hope the world remembers you forever - as the losers you are....


Good reason not to have Pat for a teacher..kids make mistakes. Some worse than others..judgemental b _ _ _ _ _ _ should not be teaching kids!!


The kids should not be allowed back on the bus..... let the parents have to pay a private driver to bring their kids back and forth for a school year.... then maybe the kids will learn to be respectful or others.... be tolerant and show kindness instead of showing how rude they are. If these were my students... I would refuse to teach them. Hopefully the women can retire now and be done with these rude kids.


Tsang..those kids should not kill themselves. But it's clear this woman is too old to be a school monitor..it's like how Regis is no longer with Kelly Rippa. Walmart greeter might be a safer enviornment.