K. Michelle Accuses Memphitz of Domestic Abuse on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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The premiere of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta this week contained a pretty surprising accusation on the part of one cast member, singer K. Michelle.

K. Michelle didn’t actually mention her alleged domestic abuser by name, but dropped enough hints that the Twitterverse was buzzing about who it was.

Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.

K. Michelle and Memphitz

Memphitz is a music executive at Jive records and is also married to Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife, Toya. He was also one of the hosts for BET’s show The Deal.

That show also starred Nicki Minaj’s DJ, Diamond Kutz. Anyway, K. Michelle said she was in a violent relationship with the man who signed her at Jive.

Specifically, she said “beat her ass.”

K. Michelle said he “blacked out” on her with physical abuse during their relationship, then blew her entire recording budget on toys and chains for himself.

For her part, Toya, who is currently in Paris with Memphitz celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary, re-tweeted a comment in defense of Memphitz.

She also calls K. Michelle a “hater.”

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K,any man thats puts his hands on any woman is less than a man. once a woman beater always a woman beater it just takes a little more time too show up. Hang in their it takes time too get over things,and you will keep doing what you do girl.


There is two side to every storie.


You know men act differently with other women. A woman that a man really does not want, he will treat any kind of way; even if that means abusing her, cheating, or stealing. But at the time it was what K. wanted and allowed. I definitely don't believe that K. would lie about being abused by him. I do believe that K. was a easy chick for him to get with at the time. The relationship Memphitz has with Toya is one that he really wanted and it was for hard for him to get Toya because she was still so in love with Wayne. But K. I wish you all the best and stay strong.


i wonder if i'm the only one who's laughing at the twitter antics of memphitz. he is one angry dude and it's clear that the elevator doesn't go all of the way up. he's in his mid-30's and throws tantrums like a child. got damn he's angry. lol!


k michelle keep ur head up girl an dnt stop givin us dat nice sweet.. sexy.. musica love will ur way soon girl


In the case of Memphitz, for someone who claims to have changed, he sure didn't waste his time going the immature route by posting an Instagram photo in which was intended to mock. If someone is defaming you and their accusations against you are false, the sensible route would be to present couth rather than fire back with idiocy. Because he responded to K. Michelle in the manner in which he did, he gave her the advantage to go back at him with a response in which was mature, and made him look like a clown-fool. And although this is off-topic, as much energy as Memphitz wasted proclaiming that he doesn't support garbage, he turned around and created The Mistresses of Atlanta. Not only that, he's also the executive producer. I get a shady and slimey vibe from him, and every time he fixes his mouth to voice some of the most off-the-wall comments, he removes all doubt that he's the so-called reformed figure in which he portrays himself to be.


kmichelle is beautiful and noone should judge her by saying oh shes aliar he didnt hit her i honestly think he did kmichelle you could do better and will do better the right prince charming willcome along keep singing bury my heart is the song


There is no reason for anyone to lie about abuse,I was once abused by a man and I found out the only people that will listen and help you are people who deal with this like court systems lawyers, ect. I was blessed to get out andleave him for the sake of our children aint love if he raise his hand and place them on you abuse is wrong and a on going problem that often goes unreported because no one will believe the person that is being abused trust me I have been there, But you Know what him me and god knows what he did to me and one day he will have to answer to him. K Michelle I believe you cause I been there and looking at him you would never know he was an abuser. Now because of him I don't trust men and this will always be apart of my life. stay safe ladies, and remember you deserve better


No one knows what he did to her, except her and him. I am with a man that coaches little league and everyone looks up to him. He is tall, dark and handsome. He is a man that all the women try to get with because of who they THINK he is. He has beat my ass on several occassions. I was told that he put his hands on his exes, but I didn't listen. Im still with him, praying for him to change. You cant tell by looking at a man or by his words. There are many women beaters in the CLOSET!


really im not one to take either side as well but i saw toya in action and i have also seen k michelle in action and toya is a nicer person and i dont think that toya has any abuse from her hunk of a husband to worry about who wouldnt pop k michelle in the mouth i find myself wanting to do the dam thing any way toya do what you do and thats holding it down with your lovely family and k michelle keep it moving

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