Justin Bieber Shocks Fans with Sidewalk Sing-Along

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In case you were somehow unaware, Justin Bieber made it clear again yesterday why he's totally The Man.

As in touch with his fan base as any celebrity, the Biebs was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. But he pulled over his van on the way to the studio and shocked fans in Burbank who were awaiting his arrival.

Bieber then led this group in a sing-along of "Boyfriend," the same track that even Barack Obama can't help but recite. Watch the fun event transpire below, courtesy of WowCelebrity.TV:

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JB rocks.He looks like a girls-which means he's more handsome.He's beautiful.


hey Justin bieber you rock


Dumb fans, couldnt even hear him sing, becuase they sang with their terrible voices. Also whats with everyone wanting to record the entire song. Just enjoy the moment instead of trying to to put up your phone and record the thing. Im sure there a million videos of Justin everywhere. It just looks stupid everyone holding up their cameras and phones.


He pulled over his "FAN"? That should read "VAN"! TYPO! You should fix that.

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