Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: Dating?

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Have you Heard the one about Amber dating Johnny Depp?

It wouldn't be the first time, most likely. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are "100 percent dating," according to Us Weekly's new cover story, not even two weeks after the actor separated from longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.

Amber Heard and Tasya van Ree split up as well, so ...

Johnny Depp Us Cover

"They are 100% dating," a source says of The Rum Diary co-stars. "He treats her very well." Another source says he just bought her a horse, so ... there's that.

The duo met back in 2009 but didn't become romantic until the film's promotional tour in 2011, when Depp and Paradis were already seriously estranged.

"They started sleeping together during the press tour," a pal says.

Obviously, it's unconfirmed based on these accounts, but rumors continue to surround Johnny and Amber. You tell us: Would they make a good couple?


He is grossing me out now! I used to adore this man. I can't get passed him boning all these really young 20 year old little girls, I mean he is 50 years old! It is way sick, especially having two children he needs to set an example for. I am way dissapointed. For some naive reason I always thought Johnny wouldn't become the next Hollywood cliche` but obviously he has.


Vanessa and Johnny were NOT married. Ever. Only together for 14 years. It would be sad if he was dating her. Too young he could do better especially for his kids sake. I love him to death tho :) no matter what. I'm his #1 fan


I am Johnny's number one fan and I really dont think that he would sleep with her when he's still married to Paradis. (Vanessa)I know they are seperated now but they weren't before!


They say Amber Heard has the classic perfection in facial contours and features that are reminiscent to 1950's style Hollywood...and this is what Johnny has noted...up close...!


Just because he treated Amber nicely doesn't mean they're dating you idiots!


Johnny Depp could turn any lesbian straight. Look at him!


This is very weird because “Daily Mail� has pictures of her and her girlfriend TODAY!! And they looks very much “together�…

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