John Mayer Slams Taylor Swift as "Cheap" BS Artist

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John Mayer might just wanna take Rolling Stone off his speed dial at this point.

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    I noted that it IS from Eric at the bottom. As for PLL It's just one of those where you get seuckd in. You kind of hate yourself for it sometimes, but you can't stop watching. Also, the CLOTHES. I love their clothes.


    John Mayer is an idiot, if he didn't want a break up song with his name in it, he shouldn't have dated her. Its not like it wasn't expected, she uses names in her songs quite a bit.

    As for people saying she should stop writing about love and breakups, look at the majority of music written. If you say that, you should say that they all should stop writing about love and breakups.


    You know, Taylor's songs are epic. Blaming her for the breakup is a cheap shot at her. She's writing things that she knows, and unfortunately she knows a lot about having her heart broken. Maybe she took a little creative license on things when she wrote "Dear John", but as an artist, that is an aesthetic choice she had and always will have the right to make. It's sad that people hate her because she's doing what she knows to do and it's made her famous.


    I really think she needs to leave her love life out of her songwriting. I think every man would be turned off of dating her because if they break up, she's gonna write a mean song about them.


    Honestly I think John Mayer is over reacting, I mean come on its just a song, so what! Sure everyone knows it but she could have said meaner things, I sure would have. And you can't really "bully" a celeb, like really? If you don't have confidence to hold up a relationship with Taylor then don't, she writes songs about almost every bad relationship. Team swift


    Definetly Team Swifty !! He hurt her badd ... And yes shes older now ... But at the time (as said in the song ) she was 19 ... She didnt see tht coming ... Ofcourse her taste in guys jus keeps backfiring ... But music is how she expresses herself ... Music is music ... So yu cant diss the artist =/


    John Mayer has some damned nerve criticizing Taylor Swift. All he does is use his fame and all to pick up women. And, when these chicks (soon enough) figure out John's real and true colors, he tries to save face (or whatever) by arrogantly dumping them. John has the "sex appeal" of leftover food gone stale. And, I agree with Sophia and NoFan...TEAM SWIFT!!!!!


    That jackhole is always saying rude, inappropriate things about his exes. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. How he even gets the girls he gets is beyond me. He's ugly inside and out, I really don't see the attraction. TEAM SWIFT.


    Why didn't she call the song Dear Douchebag, then we would know for certain the song is about him. Team Swift.


    I liked dear john but she wasn't underaged so the way i see it. They both say it as they felt it and they both were right. Taylor oversaid what happened. But although it makes a good song, i don't think i've completely gotten over your body is a wonderland enough to betray him yet. So team John

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