John Edwards Thanks Jury, Takes Responsibility For "Sins," Professes Love For Daughter

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After a jury found John Edwards not guilty on one count and declared itself deadlocked on another five charges on Thursday, the two-time Presidential candidate accepted full responsibility for his "sins" even as he maintained he did nothing illegal.

The politician, who is unlikely to be retried for alleged campaign finance fraud, spoke emotionally about his 4-year-old daughter with mistress Rielle Hunter.

Despite his sensational and stunning fall from grace, Edwards professed his love for "my precious Quinn, who I love more than any of you could ever imagine."

"I am so close to and so, so grateful for [her] ... I'm so grateful for Quinn."

It was Edwards' alleged efforts to use illegal campaign contributions to cover up his affair with Hunter that stood at the center of his federal corruption trial.

After praising the jury as "an exemplar of what jurors are supposed to do," he said, "I want to make sure that everyone hears from me and from my voice."

"While I do not believe that I did anything illegal, or even thought I was doing anything illegal, I did an awful, awful lot that was wrong," he said.

"There is no one else responsible for my sins. I am responsible. And if I want to find the person who should be held accountable, it is me and me alone."

Edwards then praised his parents and children, including grown daughter Cate Edwards, who sat next to him throughout the trial, and spoke of his future.

He said he wants to be a good father and to work with poor children.

"I don't think God's through with me," the 58-year-old former U.S. Senator said. "I really believe he thinks there are still some good things I can do."

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The court may find him not guilty but he knows he is guilty as sin.
Professing his love for his illegitimate daughter & not mentioning
his other kids makes me want to vomit. Well, he can now be happy
with his ugly mistress & his illegitimate child Quinn. I hope he &
Rielle never find a satisfying life after what was done to Elizabeth. I don't know Elizabeth and the poor woman was treated so badly by him & by the freaking looking mistress. It can't all be happy ending....because life itself for Elizabeth was a living hell
brought on by this ugly duckling and vain egotistic devil of a man.