Jewel Fixes Teeth, Goes Brunette For June Carter Cash Role!

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Jewel has completely changed her look - even fixing her famously bad teeth - to resemble the late June Carter Cash for her role in a new film.

In Lifetime's upcoming biopic, The June Carter Cash Story, the four-time Grammy nominee goes from blonde to brunette to portray the singer.

Jewel tweeted the first photo of her makeover on Tuesday, writing, "Here I am as June in my trailer with her blue eyes and perfect teeth."

Jewel, Teeth

Director Allison Anders also wrote, "My lovely star Jewel with blue eyes, straight teeth and kick*** wardrobe as June Carter Cash. Ring of Fire."

The upcoming biopic will appear on Lifetime, which is also working on a Casey Anthony movie and one starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.

"Many people know about the legendary love story of Johnny and June," Executive Vice President of Programming Rob Sharenow said this week.

"But June Carter Cash has her own epic journey filled with triumphs, tragedies, loves and losses ... we're thrilled Jewel will be playing the title role."

Jewel, 38, became a first-time mom last July to son Kase with her husband Ty Murray. In another first, this is the singer's major acting debut.

She certainly looks the part!


All of you need to get a life.


"Her famously bad teeth"? So anything that doesn't conform to a certain kind of bland uniformity is "bad"? How shallow. Does that apply to other parts of the body as well? Personally, I think she's lost a lot of her personality by doing what she's done to her teeth. When I saw her on The Voice she looked just like any other stereotypical blonde bimbo as opposed to someone interesting and unique.


She might as well shave her head and wear wheat spaghetti on her head


See Jewel Before and After Teeth 2012 Pictures here


Shes dog-face ugly.


ha but then again your name is Duh...perfect, just perfect...lmbo...duh as in dumb, dumbass, stupid, igmo, moron, asshole, I'm sure you get my point.


She looks great as June Carter Cash....however I can't stand her. And to the comment about June not being respected...who the freak are you??? ummm no one....


play the role of an annoying woman that no one really respected!!
Duh you are a nut and do not know what you are talking about June Carter is one of the greats in country music and if she had not feel in love with John he would never have lived as long as he did you should think before you put words out in the world what a dummy you are


She didn't seem to think she needed to fix her teeth in all the years that she's been in the spotlight. Maybe she finally decided to have her teeth fixed for herself not just because she got this movie role. What difference does it make anyway? It's her business.


Fix your vampire fang because you want to, not just to play the role of an annoying woman that no one really respected!!

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