Jessica Simpson Cleavage Photo: Pedometer Included!

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It's times like this where one thanks God for creating Jessica Simpson, as well as Twitter. In this day and age, she can Tweet photos of her insane post-pregnancy cleavage for the populace to admire without any paparazzi needing to stalk her!

If you're still reading this, you have issues.

Jessica Simpson Cleavage Pic

The singer-actress-fashion person has been working out so hard, she's busting out of her athletic gear as part of her post-pregnancy weight-loss plan.

One that will reportedly pay her $4 million, thanks to Weight Watchers.

"Just taking a walk around the block," Jessica wrote. "Street legal???"

The legalities of it all are unclear, but this is clearly worthy of Hall of Fame status within THG's always-enjoyable gallery of Jessica Simpson pictures.

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nom nom nom


Even when she wasn't pregnant people always seemed to comment about her weight. Big freaking deal, she's human like the rest of us. She's done well for herself and will continue to be a success. Don't judge her just because you don't like her or perhaps it's because you're jealous of her. She is who she is, and doesn't need to change for anyone. Nor does she need anyones approval but her own. I don't think she's trying to call attention to herself, just taking a stroll and snapped a pic no biggie.


Gotta love breastfeeding boobs!


Grand Canyon cleavage and $4 million for losing baby fat. Every celebrity is a pig.


Is this considered attractive? It looks weird if you ask me. I'm not knocking her's just that why does she have to show them? I mean, I can see some veins and all. She's exploiting her own self...and she's a mom!


Divorced in 3 years. Extremely fat sooner




people really shouldend judge her weight because shes pregnant. When your pregnant your body does change and it affects how you look .


Oh Jbob it has nothing to do with her talent


The beauty of a womans body going through the changes for child birth and child rearing if you do not deem this a something beautiful then take it up with God as it is His creation His design