Jersey Shore Cast: ALL Sober in Solidarity With Snooki and Sitch?

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Is the Jersey Shore cast, which just started filming Season 6, staying off the sauce to stand in solidarity with pregnant Snooki and newly-detoxed Situation?

The gang hit up a bar last night in their first outing of the summer, and while Sitch was there, he reportedly didn't have anything to drink. Willpower, dog!

The Situation has said he was not in rehab for alcohol, but his trip to Cirque Lodge was indeed for both prescription drugs (which he admits) and alcohol.

The Jersey Shore Cast Photo

The crazy part is that not only did The Situation (and a pregnant Snooki) abstain from alcohol, the entire cast did as well, in an apparent show of support.

Very cool of them if so, but obviously it's a huge contrast from prior seasons.

After all, this crew is famous for a show revolving around getting drunk and hooking up, and makes you wonder if the show has lived past its shelf life.

Incidentally, they went to the bar where Snooki got punched in Season 1.


Comment for gi gi Change the channel lol duh retard. Thats how they'll stay off your t.v.


Comment for gi gi Change the channel lol duh retard. Thats how they'll stay of your t.v.


I love the jersey shore crew but you guy's just have to grow up




They all suck !!!
Please people, Im begging you.
Keep these retards off my t.v.


The show will last...


Lol...I doubt these muthafuckas is going to stay sober...snooki obviously cus she's pregnant but the show isn't going to last if they're not gettin wasted N gettin laid...not 2 mention the fact that they're too old to be do n this shit!!!

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