Jenny McCarthy Slams Jim Carrey For Abandoning Her Son; Actor Responds in Statement

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Jenny McCarthy made headlines today when she surprisingly revealed that her ex, actor Jim Carrey, isn't quite as serious about the 10-year-old.

"I've tried to ask (Jim) numerous times (to see Evan), because he still asks," McCarthy told Howard Stern, adding that Evan asks about Jim "almost weekly."

“As a mother, you just hope when you have a relationship with someone, it has nothing to do with the child when you break up,” she said.

”I tell [Evan] that someday you’ll cross paths, meet again … [but] it’s hard. He’s been in therapy. It’s a process, he’s working on it.”

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy, 39, who is currently dating Brian Urlacher and will be posing nude in Playboy this year, dated Carrey, 50, for five years. They split in 2010.

Evan's father is John Mallory Asher, who Jenny was married to from 1999-2005. As for Carrey, he was far from pleased that Jenny made this public.

Carrey said, "I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan's well being. It's unfortunate that Evan's privacy is not being considered."

"I love Evan very much and will miss him always."

It's pretty clear from Jim's brief statement that he acknowledges he doesn't see the boy, though he does not explain why - probably by design.

One theory (and it's just a theory) is that he feels it would be more harmful to the boy if he comes in and out of his life, so he's cut ties altogether.



I get what shes saying to a point. BUT....hes not his father and if you think he should see him at some point, call him, dont blast it publicly and look needy. It didnt come off as about her son at all.


Jenny is a nut. That is the nicest way that I can put it.

Wv peach

I'm with you guys....I don't understand her misplaced wrath either. If I were her new guy, I'd think twice about furthering this relationship, as Jenny hasn't let go of Jim. Poor kid, he's losing out on all sides.


I agree with both JeCire and yogagal79. Yet, I have something that I wanna say. It seems to me that Jenny is using her son as some kind of (emotional) weapon or something...and that ain't cool at all. What it is it's petty, immature and childish. Most of all, Jenny needs to leave Jim Carrey the hell alone and continue to concentrate on raising her son. Period.


I agree with JeCire. Why is this aimed at Jim Carrey. Why isn't she MORE upset that his REAL father isn't in his life. Why isn't she seeking therapy for her son regarding his REAL father. I think it's pretty bad that she tries to make him feel bad and the fact that she can drag Jim Carrey into and still think that she is a good parent is laughable. Is she going to pull this when she and her current boyfriend break up?? So trashy. Stop using your son like that. BTW...your new show looks so stupid.


...the widows, and their children.


Are you kidding me? Really B$*$H he aint even JIMS son call his REAL father we got kids who's REAL parents have NOTHING to do with them why is this boy HEARTBROKEN because your BOYFRIEND isn't around this is SAD so now the REAL father is probably like "WEll damn am I not here?" he must not be I could see if Jim was the father but he AINT damn call his FATHER! not your EX ugh so TIRED and UNNECESSARY she should feel ashamed

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