Jenny McCarthy Slams Jim Carrey For Abandoning Her Son; Actor Responds in Statement

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Jenny McCarthy made headlines today when she surprisingly revealed that her ex, actor Jim Carrey, isn't quite as serious about the 10-year-old.

"I've tried to ask (Jim) numerous times (to see Evan), because he still asks," McCarthy told Howard Stern, adding that Evan asks about Jim "almost weekly."

“As a mother, you just hope when you have a relationship with someone, it has nothing to do with the child when you break up,” she said.

”I tell [Evan] that someday you’ll cross paths, meet again … [but] it’s hard. He’s been in therapy. It’s a process, he’s working on it.”

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy, 39, who is currently dating Brian Urlacher and will be posing nude in Playboy this year, dated Carrey, 50, for five years. They split in 2010.

Evan's father is John Mallory Asher, who Jenny was married to from 1999-2005. As for Carrey, he was far from pleased that Jenny made this public.

Carrey said, "I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan's well being. It's unfortunate that Evan's privacy is not being considered."

"I love Evan very much and will miss him always."

It's pretty clear from Jim's brief statement that he acknowledges he doesn't see the boy, though he does not explain why - probably by design.

One theory (and it's just a theory) is that he feels it would be more harmful to the boy if he comes in and out of his life, so he's cut ties altogether.



She's an ass. It's not his kid. Deal with it whore.


She is not a NUT. If Carrey had a heart he would arrange to see the poor little guy. As beguiling as Carrey is you know that child misses him terribly.


he needs a relationship with his real father.if he is not confused by all the men coming in and out of your revolving door(jen)do not make jim a scapegoat for allof your shortcomings.jim probably was the only one that took time out for him.if life we all make choices move on.


If I recall, Evan suffers from some dibilitating illness (autism)? It's a shame that Jenny couldn't make it with either his father nor Jim. Could it be that Jim hurts too not having Evan in his life? BUT I agree that with Jenny moving on to other men, it would be awkward and even more confusing for the boy. Maybe her new guy will win Evan over . . . Jenny, a mother's life isn't 'finding love in the wild'.


@Vic,Please for everyone's sake don't have offspring. For the simple fact that your f,,ked-up.


Why Jenny? is the boy's real father alive? If so, why doesn't the boy pine for HIM? People get divorced, children suffer - ALWAYS. You have a third guy here - where does your son fit in with all these men? I think Hollywood lack IQ


I don't understand Jenny McCarthy...the only father/figure responsible to have a relationship with the kid is his real father. She's already into another relationship and she's clinging to Jim Carrey? It does not make sense and, on top of it, she does not mind possing nude in Playboy. A mother that respect herself and her children should not do that. Jim while you can!!


You got to be kidding! This hoe runs to a new man, and wants Jim Carey to pick up the pieces! What because he is a millionaire? She should have thought about that before choosing the life she chose. HE IS NOT THE BOYS FATHER! I'm shoocked that some fools choose to be blindsided by this story. If anyone needs to bear responsibility, it's Ms McCarthy 1st, The actual Father Second. @Vic - Whatever man....You have some pain burning inside you, so you shoehorn it into an irrelevant situation. This makes you feel better, to point fingers, in the wrong direction.


I'm a little confused. Why would Jenny not realize that her son would miss a guy who'd been in his life for 5 years? I don't see the point in Jim continuing to see this young boy. Jenny should step up, explain to her son that breaking up had nothing to do with him personally, and let him know that this happens in grown up relationships sometimes. It's ok for him to feel sad but being in therapy should help him work those feelings out. It's not Jim's responsibility to continue a relationship with him; that should be his biological father's job. Jenny needs to get over it and move on so her son can do the same.


What the hell is wrong with her. Her child should be going to councling so he can understand his mother is an independant woman. Guys are going to come in and out of her life. ummm where the hell is the kids father? The child should be worried about his ReAl Dad not being in his life not some random dude the mom was messing with for 5 years. She's a loser tryig to blame Jim for the kids issue.

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