Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie: Whose Leg Pose is Hotter?

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Both of these women are uber-successful, absolutely gorgeous, and have lived with Brad Pitt for years, but as the old saying goes, there can be only winner of an Angelina Jolie-Jennifer Aniston awkward red carpet leg-thrust pose-off.

Last week, the Wanderlust star was spotted showing some leg, much like nemesis Ange at the Oscars. Jolie went dark and sexy in black, while Jen was angelic and fresh in white ... somehow seems appropriate, wouldn't you say?

The crucial question: How does Jen's pose - in a Burberry gown with a cut-out back and a thigh-high slit - compare to Angelina's (in a black Altelier Versace gown)? Vote on which actress struck the hotter pose in our Fashion Face-Off below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Angelina vs. Jennifer: Whose recent red carpet leg thrust pose is hottest? Vote in our survey and decide! View Poll ยป


Angelina's leg pose looks fake and uncomfortable. Jennifer's just looks natural, as if she was taking a step. I hated the Angelina pose when I first saw her doing it. I mentioned it to my husband, and we had a good laugh, and the next day it was all over the news. She looks foolish.


I like Angelina's pose better. Both have great legs but Angelina, for all her good deeds and recent good-girl 'mommy' image, still has a dark allure. I agree with grace, however I don't feel quite as strongly as she does that Aniston just can't seem to bust out of her acting 'mold' she's stuck in. Try as she might. I'd love to see her as a complete psychotic killer in a serious film but I think she's so typecast it'd be weird to see. She's obviously successful but so far, limited. From what I've seen anyway.


Oh come on OF COURSE ANGIE wins hands down! Give us a break about this BS comparison. ANISTON CAN never COMPARE TO ANGIE IN LOOKS, TALENT,INTELLIGENCE, HUMANITARIAN WORK, GREAT MOTHER & A GREAT PARTNER!. Angie is one of a kind PERIOD!! She does anything she puts her mind to it, like becoming a pilot, UN Ambassador for 10 years now a UNHCR SPECIAL ENVOY meeting with world leaders...while the short, stumpy legged, talentless one, who can't keep a guy except purchasing them & being a HOMEWRECKER breaking up a 14 year long relationship from Heidi needs to be put out to pasture. All her movies are duds, she is pathetic, her whole claim to fame was her hair and she once tricked THE BRAD PITT to marry her. Thank GOD brad woke up from being high and realized his biggest mistake of a lifetime!

@ grace

At least Jennifer Aniston dose something about cancer what dose Angelina Jolie do nothing the only thing she dose is look pretty and stands there with her big lips that i don't even want to know what she dose with she got alien legs she needs to get some meet on those bones cuz a guarantee you is way much tougher that Angelina Jolie

Kellie m

OMG enough with the Aniston vs Jolie crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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