Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie: Whose Leg Pose is Hotter?

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Both of these women are uber-successful, absolutely gorgeous, and have lived with Brad Pitt for years, but as the old saying goes, there can be only winner of an Angelina Jolie-Jennifer Aniston awkward red carpet leg-thrust pose-off.

Last week, the Wanderlust star was spotted showing some leg, much like nemesis Ange at the Oscars. Jolie went dark and sexy in black, while Jen was angelic and fresh in white ... somehow seems appropriate, wouldn't you say?

The crucial question: How does Jen's pose - in a Burberry gown with a cut-out back and a thigh-high slit - compare to Angelina's (in a black Altelier Versace gown)? Vote on which actress struck the hotter pose in our Fashion Face-Off below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Angelina vs. Jennifer: Whose recent red carpet leg thrust pose is hottest? Vote in our survey and decide! View Poll »

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Jolie's pose was crass, Aniston's was class.


For sure angelina jolie.Her body and lips can makes man out there love from the first sight.


Angie has the prettier face. But her veins freak me out. Her ass is pan-cake flat. Also she has become too thin. I dont know why women think we want them to look like starving teenage boys. Also her boobs are too bolt-on for me. Jen has the hotter body. The boobs could be fake but they dont look it. Her ass is stunning, nice curve. Her legs and arms are just right, not too muscular but not flabby. Her jaw is very manly though. If I had to chose which one to fuck, it would be Jen. Angie just strikes me as psycho in bed. Like she will beg you to give her anal but then afterwards she'll pull out a strap-on dildo and demand you bend over too. Wasnt she into that BDSM shit with knives and vials of blood? Like totally psycho bitch. Brad Pitt must be into some sick bedroom shit too.


Locks up her kids in the room for hours To Get High and Drunk hmmmm without a doubt Jeniffer Aniston is better mother material.. And who the hell would marry a chick that tattoo herself Billy Bob?? Awww Brad Pitt oh yeah you are the Man lol


I cannot believe the people that think that A Jolie has good legs.They are dreadful and most definitely not the type that you would want to reveal.She admits herself that she needs to put more weight on ,but apart frpm that they are not well shaped at all.No comparison between Jen's beautiful legs to those of A Jolie.There is no competition whatsoever.Jen Aniston has a much better figure than A Jolie and that is clear to see for thosewho are not short sighted.


Grace, hmmmm it seems 81.2% don't agree with you.


Angelina beat jen anytime, anyday,and anywhere.




Of course Jennifer Aniston!


Jennifer Anniston hands down.