Jenelle Evans Mug Shot: So Sad!

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The first photographic proof of Jenelle Evans' latest arrest has surfaced.

The Teen Mom 2 star found herself in a North Carolina jail cell yet again this weekend after allegedly assaulting someone early Sunday morning.

Cops have not released the victim's name, but it is believed to be her fiance Gary Head, who was also reportedly arrested for domestic violence.

Whatever happened, Jenelle appears quite sad in her mug shot:

Jenelle Evans Mugshot (New)

According to the Brunswick County (N.C.) Sheriff's Office, the MTV star was also in possession of marijuana at the time of the incident. Big surprise.

Jenelle Evans posted bail and has since been released.

Gary Head's status is unclear, but if he attacked Jenelle has some sources have reported, her on/off fiance could be spending a while behind bars.

The 20-year-old has been busted more times than we can count, including in January for violating a restraining order and allegedly threatening her ex-roommate, in March for stalking, and of course last year for beating up Britany Truett.

Somehow we doubt this mug shot will be her last.

UPDATE: Gary's mug shot has been released:

Gary Head Mug Shot

I would imagine she will be teeth optional mama in a couple of years, she seems well on her way, what a mess.


Keep doing those drugs Janelle....looking is working out just well for ya isn't it????




This is why teens shouldn't have Kids. I feel sorry for jace! Thank God for Barbara. She's a awesome grandmother.


Joy, your kids need protection from YOU if you think "so's" is a word. Go back to first grade and good luck!


I'm so shocked >_>


Ah I had freaky deaky wit da ho and da hotel everybody.


Henr pool smelled like caramel and she became a medical assistant at the correspondence school.?? She didn't kn

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